Monday, July 28, 2014

July 11, 2014

So here's the email you've all been waiting for, right? =)
Well it turns out my P-day is Friday in the MTC, how cool is that!!
So here's everything that has happened ever.

I saw a Grumpy Cat plushie at the airport! It was airport prices though, and I don't have space. =)

I got to the MTC early. So I flew in on Tuesday. It was a pretty uneventful adventure. I was kind of calm, but really excited. On the plane I sat next to a Lola Merrill. She happened to be a member, so we talked a lot about my mission and her family. She laughed and said "I was given a pass-along card to give away on this trip, but I guess I won't use it." and I said "Ha! And I really wanted to start my missionary experience right off the bat." =D

I got to the MTC with no problems. I came in with my luggage to the front desk and waited for instructions. As I stood there with a reporting Elder, a man came up the stairs. I glanced over and noticed he looked familiar. I thought to myself "Oh, maybe it's my old stake president or something." He came over, shook our hands, and welcomed us to the MTC. The woman with him leaned over and whispered. "That's Neil L. Anderson."
My jaw almost dropped, but I played it cool and smiled hugely. He walked out and I was almost floored with awe.
What a way to be welcomed to the MTC!

I went to the devotional right after that, and guess who was speaking! =D
Since I got to the MTC early, I was assigned a temporary companion for that night, Sister Pack. She's from Singapore, but we didn't get to talk much.
I spent a bit of time with another early-arriving missionary, Sister Jones. She's from Missouri, from a really small town, and we took some pictures. =D

Day two was SO LONG. I was here all morning, and waited mostly as the other missionaries arrived. I'm glad I came early, though. I finally FINALLY got to meet up with all the people in my district later that day. All the people in my district are going to my mission! There are 6 elders and three sisters in my district. We have class together and study time together all the time in our own personal classroom. It's pretty fun.

I finally got to meet my companion, too! Her name is Sister Whetten. She's spunky, assertive, and super nice. The other sister in our district, Sister Caldwell, had her companion NOT SHOW UP. So now we're a trio and it's super fun. =) We all have the same room and spend 24/7 together. It's kind of crazy, never ever being apart from them, but so far it's pretty fun. =)
We're learning so much. There's classes and devotionals and lessons all the time. It's hard to get a moment in edgewise to just calm down. =)

In between the class and devotionals and stuff, we had the opportunity to begin teaching "investigators". At one class the first day, a group of 50 green missionaries was charged with teaching some investigators. We did a hash-bang job of it, our doctrine and teaching all over the place. The first investigator we worked with totally railed on this one poor Elder. The second investigator was a retired devorcee. It was a really sweet experience where all of us felt the Spirit. The third investigator was a good teaching experience (I was ready to add something when the meeting ended =( ) but said that he was not interested and could never believe. What a depressing way to end the meeting. =( But it was good, I was glad for the opportunity to start practicing!

Nina! Guess who teaches my class at the MTC? Y-mountain guy!!

My companions and I think really differently, but so far we're getting along. =)

We're doing better today about being on time. Sometimes it's hard to get along with the Elders in our district. We (Sister Whetten, Caldwell, and I) had the opportunity to teach an investigator, "Zach" again today. We taught him yesterday, and we felt that it didn't really go very well, even though we had prepared the best we could. It went SO much better today, but I didn't really feel the Spirit too strongly. So the next time we teach him, we're going to bear so much testimony!

Speaking of which, the church is true, brothers and sisters! Sometimes it's really easy to get lost in the "how" of teaching that we forget the "why" of teaching. It's because we truely love our investigators, and the gospel is something everyone needs to hear because it will bring such change and happiness to everyone's lives.

At times I get a little frustrated and really just want to be out in the field already. But I know that I am certainly not ready, and that I absolutely need this MTC experience.

I love you all! I'm looking forward to your emails. =D

Sister Moore

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