Monday, August 25, 2014

August 18, 2014- "Kempsville Ahoy!"

Hi everybody!

I'm learning a LOT here in Kempsville. For instance, I'm allergic to eggs!
So, cool things from this week. A member had egg flan stuff for desert, and I didn't know it would have eggs on top (eggs make me sick), so I kind of ate like a bite or two to be polite but I didn't want to risk any more than that AND I'M GLAD I DIDN'T!!!!!! I had an allergic reaction where I felt super weird for about 24 hours. But I'm okay - I didn't die - but I will never eat straight eggs again!

Anyway, so that was crazy. 

We got to see Sister Jacks again on Tuesday for our Book of Mormon reading. =) We're still reading in Mosiah, about the people of Limhi who lived in bondage to the Lamanites for a while. This week we read the story of Noah and Abinadi. How the prophet Abinadi came to the people and told them that they were being wicked, and prophesied that bad things would happen if they didn't repent. As we can see, that prophecy was fulfilled with Limhi's people. It gives me so much hope, though, because Limhi and his people did repent, even though they had to go through the bad stuff to get there.

Sister Jacks is so sweet. She always has a "repast" for us - some kind of fun desert. She was able to come to church this Sunday, too! Her knee surgery really had her homebound, but it's healing well enough now that she was able to come. It was so exciting to see her there!!

We met with Gayle twice this week, which was super awesome. We go to go into his house and talk with him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He had a lot of really good questions, and is really concerned with what happens after we die. We tried to address those questions yesterday. He knows that we "have something", he can "see it in our smiles". I laughed aloud when he said "You are just so bright when you show up at my door, it's like Moronee himself showed up at my door." =D

He's having a hard time right now, because his wife's dementia is really really hard on the both of them. Our meeting with him yesterday, we simply listened as he described their difficulties. It's so hard for me to watch them suffer. I want to help by answering some of his questions about life after death, but it will all happen when he is ready.

We had ward council visits this week! Once a month, the leaders in the ward get together and go visit less actives with the missionaries! HOW COOL IS THAT?
The bishop went with us, and we planned to visit Kristen and a new family who has just moved into our ward.
the visit with Kristen went really well. The bishop was really bold with her and said that we could really use her help and service in the ward.
When we went to see the new family, we discovered that they didn't live there, but that a lady by the same name, Krista, had lived there for seven years. She said she was looking for a church. We invited her to church - how cool is that! Sister Dodds says that great blessings always come during ward council visits, and I believe it!

Our family history night went awesome! We had four people come, including TWO less actives. Sister Battreal is a newly-called family history consultant so we were exuberant that she was able to come! Kristen came too, with her huge book of family history. She got right to work on putting that stuff into the computer! I helped Sister Krum connect Ancestry with her familysearch account.

This week we had a great experience with a referral. Brother Wright called us and said that he had been talking with his neighbor for a while and that it "was time" for her to meet with the missionaries. He asked us to go over and simply invite her to church. I felt a little awkward because I thought it might be better for him to go with us, but we went anyway. My goodness! She's the sweetest lady, she invited us in and we invited her to church. She says she's thinking about deciding to join another church, but she wanted more time to think about it. we said she was welcome to just come, with no commitment. She couldn't make it this Sunday because of a plumbing problem in her garage, but hopefully next week she can!
So there you go, always trust the members on the referral business. =)

We helped one of the members clean out her cluttered closet the other day. She has a lot of stuff. I was SO excited when I saw it, is that crazy or what? We pulled out a ton of stuff so she could go through it. Sister Dodds says I was "in my element". They were both kind of surprised by how I lit into the project. Ha! I just absolutely love cleaning and organizing!!

We also taught Sunday School yesterday - so that was fun! Brother Teerlink had asked us to teach his class how to index, so we did! It was pretty fun. I didn't feel nervous at all, isn't that cool? It's shocking how much anxiety vanishes as you prepare for things (and pray hard!) =).

Some of the stuff this week was just kind of awkward, and so I feel a little discouraged. I know it'll be okay, though. We'll just keep praying and keep working hard, and being obedient! and everything will be just fine if we're patient and wait. =)

I love you all!
-Sister Moore

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