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August 4, 2014- There Is Sunshine in My Soul Today!

Hi everyone! The sun is finally shining for the first time in forever! Lemme tell you about our week. =-)

It's been a tough week, since my companion hasn't been feeling very well. =( But we have still persevered!!!

We had a wonderful lesson about prayer with a less-active member named Sister Williams. She is so kind and a bit quiet, but she has a strong testimony of the meaning of the Sacrament and prayer. I loved the discussion we got to have with her. We invited her to church - AND SHE CAME! She went to the wrong building, but all the same! =) I can't wait to meet with her again.

On Monday we picked up a huge stack of copies of the Book of Mormon. We resolved to give one away every day. We began this goal on the Sunday before, when we gave a copy to Sarah. =) We gave away a book a day until Thursday - how amazing is that??? We gave another one away yesterday to Katrina. =)

We went to see Mr. Gayle Sutton, one of our investigators. He says that Gayle is the manly way of spelling the name. Sister Lawrence came along with us. We had an amazing lesson and discussion about Jesus Christ and the Restoration. Sister Lawrence, who works four jobs and is raising a teenage boy, was able to come and share her testimony of how she recieved an answer for herself of the truthfulness of this gospel. And it is! It is true! I testify of that. I have recieved that answer for myself through study and prayer. =)

We went an saw Sister Tomlinson too. She has four dogs, so that was really hard on my allergies but it was SO worth it because Sister Tomlinson is so kind and has such a strong testimony of the gospel and she was able to share with us some amazing testimony-building experiences she has had. It was an uplifting visit. =)

We had dinner at the Teerlink's that night. What a family after my own heart!! They love essential oils and cooking healthy and they have three gorgeous children and a hypoallergenic cat and a big poof of a black, happy dog that reminds me of Frank. =D I was pretty congested from the dogs at the prior house so Sister Teerlink diffused some peppermint for me. What a blessing! =D Brother Teerlinkloves to cook and he cooks really well - they've invited us back this week. Wow! I love them both. =)

We also went by and saw a family who just moved into the ward. The dad's a member, but the mother isn't. Her two poor kids were really sick with the flu, and so she was a bit distracted, but we got to talk to her about families and shared the Family the Proclamation to the World with her. =) Her husband on Sunday said he was so happy we stopped by to see her and just be friendly and spend time with her. =D

Yeah, I AM writing out what happened every day. You can skip to the end if you want, but it's been a cool week so you'll miss out. =D

We saw Sister Jacks Wednesday morning. She's an older lady who just got knee surgery and can't get out much. =( We read the Book of Mormon together every week - I love it! We read in Mosiah, King Benjamin's speech, and talked about what it meant to us. =)

We mowed Sister Battreal's lawn, which was fun service. I love Sister Battreal and her family. They are fiesty, and have decided to move in the right direction.

Sister Jones had us over for dinner, and to help her start on Family History. =D Sister Jones is really pregnant with her first child, and is super on top of things. She's a get-it-done, get-it-right kind of person, and I love that. She's also the newly-called choir director, as she and her husband just moved into the ward too. =D We had a fun dinner, spaghetti and meatballs, with her and just talked and chatted and visited and brought the Spirit of Elijah into her home. I love Sister Jones!

After that, we had Book of Mormon class, which is just a Book of Mormon read every Wednesday. Not many people were there, but one of the elder's investigators came and it was so cool. Apparently he never talks during class, but this time he said "I've just had so many questions building up over time and I've just got to ask them." He's studied the Bible and the Book of Mormon a lot and seems finally ready to ask and pray! Wow! Sister Dodds was so rocked by this that we called up the elders immediantly and told them all about it. Wow! Miracles are happening in Virginia!!!

We had dinner with the Olennick's (O'linnix). They are a less-active, part-member family who are full of love for the missionaries, but not really willing to do the work to know for themselves that this gospel is true. I love the whole family, the quirky nonmember dad who asks all the missionaries he meets if we believe in aliens (and what our dream car is), and the mother, Sarah, who loves to dye her hair pink and is really really an example of Southern hospitality and silly wild-child Nyah who I love already. =D I can see great things for them in the future, but they really need to commit to having the gospel in their lives.

Oh my goodness. =D We went over to the Morgan's for dinner on Friday and it was a blast. We worked on family history with Sister ROBIN Morgan, because she likes her first name, thank you very much! She been loving working on her family history, she has a huge book her Aunt painstakingly put together that she's putting online. But she ran into a hitch and a tangle in the tree and needed our help. (They accidentally skipped a generation, I told her to call Family Search to make sure no one gets deleted or lost while she's sorting it out.)

She loves talking about her "hill-billy" side and her grandma who was "yea tall" and hair long as she was! Her grandfather would sit on the porch with his shotgun and whittle - she showed us this super cool thing he whittled. =D Her husband was just as amazing. I love the Morgans!! =)

The baptism!!! The elders had a baptism, so we went to show our support. =D It was so sweet. Alyssa is 11 and she put in all the effort because she really wanted to be baptized. Seeing her go down into the water really reminded me ofmy baptisimal covenants. She was so happy and glowing with light. When she was confirmed on Sunday, I could see the difference in her. I knew that the gate to heaven had just been opened for her and that she has a glorious future in store! Her grandfather came to the baptism too. He has such a testimony of the gospel and yesterday in Gospel principles class he said "you know I probably should get baptized" but he's worried about all the sins he's had in his past and getting past those bad habits.

Mr. Sutton CAME with his wife Shirley to the baptism! In the middle I kind of looked back and saw them and I shout-whispered to Sister Dodds, "THEY CAME!" We went to the back afterward and talked with them. A brother from the ward shared his testimony with them. I asked how it had made them feel and Mr. Sutton said "at 87 you never feel good." haha! =D they came!!!!!!!! I sure hope the Spirit works on them and that they can have a confirmation through the Spirit that this is the church of God restored on the earth today. I know it's true!!

We got to teach Anne yesterday. She's a very quiet and shy girl and her dad is always talking for her. Her mother doesn't want her to get baptized, and we only have 15 minutes every Sunday to teach her the lessons. We continued to ask her to pray. We pray every night that her mother's heart will be softened and that she will have the desire to be baptized. We read D&C 20:37 with her yesterday and really emphasized that it's the desires/determination of your heart that really matters. When you pray and when you desire to do the right thing, and you act in faith, your Heavenly Father will cause miracles in your behalf. I know that to be true. I've seen it at work. =)

I love you all! Continue to read and pray, my friends, and seek the righteous desires of your heart.
I know you can do it! I love you!
-Sister Moore

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