Monday, December 28, 2015

August 24, 2015- Adventure is out there!

Sister Rawlings and I went on a few adventures this week!
We went walking and talking to people Tuesday afternoon and it was really fun! We ran into lots of interesting people and gave them our cards and invited them to give us a call if there was any service we could do for them, or if we could come share a message with them. It was really fun getting to work hard and talk to lots of people.
Afterwards, we went to an appointment with Alicia. Alicia is friends with a member of the Kinston 2nd ward and after asking her a little bit about the church Staci invited Alicia to meet with us! It was a really neat lesson - Alicia grew up in the church but her family stopped going. She says that everything in her life has led her back here to this point, and she's really serious about learning and also about being baptized! Wow!
Tuesday night we also helped with the youth night. Sister K just got called as the Young Women's president and asked us to help out. It was really fun, we made some cupcakes for the Bishop's birthday and took them to him. =)
Wednesday we asked a youth from Kinston 1st to come out with us to try and see some people. Nobody was home and it was POURING outside. Gah! But she was a trooper and we kept trying! Finally, Sister F let us into her home. I've never met her, and I don' t think she has been to church in a long time, but we had a good visit and by the end she said, "Thank you for coming!"
Thursday we went and saw Sister J! It was a good visit and she really enjoyed church last Sunday. But she didn't come this Sunday. =( Sister Rawlings and I were crushed. We were really hoping that she would... She needs some prayers. We were so excited for her to start coming again.
Thursday night everything fell through, all our plans, so we asked Sister P if we could come and visit her. When we got there she said, "You know my mother-in-law is visiting right?" We had completely forgotten. But actually, it turned out really well! Brother P's mom asked us lots of questions and we had a great discussion about some Bible verses. And then - she came to church! What? We were not expecting that! Brother P was so happy showing her around and explaining things to her. She is so cute too. She really enjoyed the talks and gospel principles class. I am so glad we went over! Heavenly Father really leads us to where we need to be, when we need to be there!
Friday was really neat! We had an appointment with someone who formerly met with missionaries. Her name is Tee-Tee and she has the cutest little baby. When we got there, her friends were over as well, so we taught all three of them about the Restoration. Later that day, we were just walking and talking to people in a neighborhood, and we saw two people sitting on their porch. We walked up to them and started talking. Their names are Linda and Rose. We told them about how we serve all the people of Kinston and asked if we could share a 14 minute message with them about Christ.
"Sure," Linda said. "I really would like to come closer to Him."
So we shared the Restoration with them. In our mission we have been using pamphlets to teach, lately, to help us teach simply. But neither Sister Rawlings or I had pamphlets! But, because we've practiced with the pamphlets so many times, we were actually able to teach it without them, and still keep it short and simple. It was such a neat experience.
At the very end of the lesson, one of the sisters went and got her son from inside the house and brought him out to us. "Sisters, before you go," she said, "Will you please teach my son who God is?"
We froze. That's not exactly an easy thing to ask! But because of the simple truths we have been learning and teaching, we shared; "Damion, God is your loving Father in Heaven. He's like your Father here, but He's up there. Does that make sense?" He nodded and said yes. Then we explained, "Jesus Christ is His Son. They both love you very much." And it was as simple as that! What an amazing experience. I am grateful for the Holy Ghost that gives us words to say!
I know that this message we share really brings people closer to Christ and helps them discover the truth for themselves as they read and pray. I love being a missionary!
I hope ya'll have an amazing week!
Sister Moore

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