Monday, December 28, 2015

September 8, 2015- Sea Turtles are My Favorite Animal

Hello everyone, this week was a blast! We have been so busy it's unbelievable...
Monday night we had dinner with the Andersons, and I tried my first ever turkey meatloaf. It was actually really good. It was something she just "threw together" but was the most gorgeous dish I have ever seen. Some people have talent! They invited their close friend, Nadine, to dinner. For the thought we shared at the end we read a story from the Book of Mormon. It was a neat way to share some of the gospel with her!
I have been thinking a lot about this this past week. Sister Rawlings and I talk to a lot of different people. We talk to people who are in various circumstances in their lives. A lot of the time it's just people we see at the store or while we're walking on the street. And a lot of times, the people we're talking to have no idea just how important the message is that we are trying to share with them. It makes a huge difference when a member shares the gospel with their friends. Because they can talk to them, answer their questions, invite them, and stay in contact with them much better than we can. We are teaching Alicia right now, and she has great friends in the church who invite her to things, sit next to her, answer her questions. We just teach the gospel. That's really the way it should be - that every person has someone , a good friend, as they learn more about the truth. Inviting everyone we see is good - who knows who is ready and prepared who doesn't have church members as friends? But also, who knows how many people have been friends of members for years and have heard a lot and are ready now? All it takes is an invitation.
Anyway, that's my take on what real missionary work is. =D It's a happy, wonderful thing! I've been pondering that this week, and I will continue to ponder! This week I am going to focus on asking members who they know who would be blessed by learning more. Friends they could invite. I'm excited!
Tuesday was hectic - Sister Rawlings had a Doctor's apt in Greenville, so we got a ride with a member, but then it turned out, later in the day, that we had to swap cars with the zone leaders (who live in Greenville) so we ended up driving our own car up there any way haha so we had to drive to Greenville twice in one day. The proper way to say Greenville is "Greenvole" and I've been asking other missionaries if they think they'll accidentally say some Utah town "Springvolle" when they get back. Hahaha =)
Sister Brown (from Mt Olive) works at the library in Kinston and she just came up to us to let us know that ERIC IS GETTING BAPTIZED IN TWO WEEKS!!!
Eric has been married to a member for a long time and he's such a great person. He knows the church is true, it has just taken him a while to decide to be baptized. This will be so amazing for their family!! I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!! The church is true, ya'll!!
Also on Tuesday we were able to see a woman named Deanna who Sister Rawlings was able to see baptized in February! Then she went into the army. But she's now back in town and it was so amazing that we were able to see her and talk to her. She is such a sweet lady!
Wednesday was a roller coaster of emotions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Someone we taught is having a really hard time and we listened to all the difficult things she is experiencing and I cried. =( Then, one of my FAVORITE MEMBERS, had a heart attack Wednesday afternoon. He's in the hospital now, recovering. Please, please, pray for him. His name is Brother Baysden. I love their family so much. They need prayers.
Then we had a happy time with Debra J and Nancy, those we sweet, Spirit-filled lessons that made up for the bad. What a crazy day.
Debra came to church! It made me so happy. =) In Zone meeting on Friday they asked us to all think of people who we wouldn't normally think of who might be ready for baptism. People who have come for years, or family members - and we actually had Debra's daughter come to mind. Debra has been hinting at wanting her daughter to learn more, and we are excited to try to teach her!
I love this gospel and I love this work! I love the happiness and joy and light that comes into people's lives as the accept it and live it. I know that it is true and that it truly blesses people. I love love love getting to share it with everyone. Hurrah for the Virgina Chesapeake mission! Hurrah for the members of Kinston, North Carolina! Hurrah for my wonderful friends and family members who I love so much! Thank you for your prayers and for your support. You are wonderful! I hope you have a very very blessed day!
Sister Megan Moore

PS We went to the aquarium for our sister's preparation day. It was really fun! I think I love sea turtles. I saw all this "save the turtles" stuff. It was a good thing I forgot my wallet...

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