Monday, December 28, 2015

August 10, 2015 -TRANSFERS

So this week has been uber crazy! Not only was it transfers week, but it was also the week of the second-EVER mission-wide conference! On Thursday, every missionary in the mission drove up to Suffolk, VA for a super-great conference!
It was really fun. We woke up at 5 in the morning to finish up packing and then to travel to Greenville to be there by 7am. We had a great time driving up to Suffolk with the Greenville 1st sisters.
The conference was powerful. Just singing the opening hymn, How Firm a Foundation, was amazing. There was great power in all of the voices of the missionaries. We talked a lot about teaching simply, and also about the Atonement, during the conference. We are going to be reading the Book of Mormon as a mission, and focusing on what Jesus Christ did for us, and also on the Doctrine of Christ. We all got hardback copies to study out of, and I am really excited! The last time the mission did this was right before I came out to the field.
After the conference,We took a huge all-mission picture in the really hot heat and then we had a North Carolina-style pig pickin! =D It was super fun. I also got to see some of my friends who I haven't seen in a while! That was fun too! =D
It was hard saying goodbye to Sister 'Red! She is SUPER fun and I know Wilson will love her. =D
Sister Rawlings and I met right after the picture, and then we drove back down to Greenville with the Stefflers. We went on a big detour through the Great Dismal Swamp. I wish I had taken some pictures. ;) From Greenville we got a ride from a kind member. Sister Rawlings is super cool. She's from San Antonio, Texas and loves anything Korean and also, spicy food!
Then, FINALLY we were home! We had a lot of weekly planning to do, and that took some time.
This weekend was really crazy, too! On Saturday we went out and dropped by people. We were walking and about to get back in the car when we felt like we should stay out a little longer. We had 15 minutes before our next appointment. So we just kept walking around and we ran into William, Nathaniel, and Brianna! We taught them the Restoration as they sat on a bench and encouraged them to pray about what we had taught. We also invited them to church.
William came!!!!!!! He walked into K1 Sacrament meeting just as church started, and a member invited him to sit with him. We invited him to stay for all three hours, and he did! It was SO cool! I know that this is Heavenly Father's work and that it is guided by the Holy Ghost! I love being a missionary!
Gooooooooo Kinston!!!!! =D
Love, Sister Moore

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