Monday, December 28, 2015

September 14, 2015- Transfer Time Again!

This past week has been so crazy full of miracles!
Alicia is doing really well. We taught her twice this last week and she is praying about when she feels she should get baptized. Her son, Ian, had a great experience at church. He loves the youth in our ward and feels really welcomed. He wants to be baptized too! They are amazing. =)
Then, we went out on Tuesday to just walk around and talk to people, but the place that we chose was completely bare of anyone. We knew a potential investigator who lived nearby and decided to drop by. She was actually home! Her name is Flower. She let us in and we met her boyfriend, Israel, and their three kids, Jonathan, Glora, and Sabrina. We taught them the Restoration and they invited us back!
We came back a few days later and taught about the Book of Mormon. Israel wasn't home, but we had an amazing lesson. We asked them if they had ever had an experience getting an answer to their prayers. Both children immediately raised their hands.
"I used to get bullied a lot," said Gloria. "But one day I prayed and asked for it to stop. They never bullied me again!" The son, Jonathan, had a powerful experience as well. Wow! Children have such great faith. They know that their Father in Heaven loves them.
That night we were finally getting to eat something when a member texted us. "Come quick! Two girls came to our youth night who are not members!" So we scarfed down some food, dropped everything and ran out the door. They were having a "Chopped" dessert contest at the youth night for the girls, so we got to be judges. =P We met the two girls, Leticia and Kendra. They are really sweet. At the end, Shea was waiting for a ride and she said, "Hey, I never have time to see ya'll - let's just do a lesson right now." Shea is a recent convert, and we're still teaching her some recent convert lessons. So we sat down with Shea, Raven, Leticia, and Kendra, and had a five-minute lesson while waiting. We talked about temples. Shea and Raven talked about the peace that they feel when they go, and Leticia and Kendra listened intently. It was so cool! Heavenly Father puts us in the right place at the right time.
Then! There is a family in one of our wards who has recently gone through a health scare. We made them some cookies that afternoon and then we went to doorbell ditch them. Sister Rawlings has gotten caught every time she has tried (on her mission; she doesnt know where the bad luck came from). So we were DETERMINED to not get caught. These members have the longest, bumpiest driveway so there was no way we'd be able to run. So we parked our car down the street, behind some tree cover, and then devised a plan to run around the side of their house and hide.
We knocked and RAN! We crouched down behind a thin tree and a wheelbarrow. They turned on some bright porch lights. It's a good thing we didn't run for it! We hid there for about 15 minutes, but they didn't turn off their lights! We waited another 5, and then checked to see if anyone was on the porch. Then we ran down their driveway and to our car. SAFE! =D Ahahaha! Success!
Wednesday was super fun, we got to eat with the Killingers. We live in their backyard. =P Lulu and Dicky are so great. I love them. K1 Coordination was really fun.
Friday was so cool! Both wards honored the first responders by hosting a lunch for them. We were at the church half the day, preparing, helping, and cleaning up. It was SO fun!
That night we went to the Garden Spot festival in La Grange, to try and see a potential investigator named Susie. However, right before we went it POURED. We decided to drive by anyway, and a lot of people were still there. We sloshed through the mud and puddles (in my poor dress shoes :( ) and had a fun time talking to people. =)

So on to transfers, we got our transfer calls Saturday morning. I am leaving Kinston and going to Smithfield, Virginia. It will be really different from here. A whole new adventure!
Sunday was bittersweet. I said goodbye to all the members that I love so much. =( I am going to miss Kinston, North Carolina. I'm already excited to come back!
I love you all! Have a great week full of miracles! Also, s'mores are really great. :P We had a little campfire yesterday for dinner at a member's. It was really fun.
See you in Virginia!
Sister M

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