Monday, December 28, 2015

September 28, 2015- Cotton-Pickin' Missionaries

Smithfield is amazing- I love getting to meet all the wonderful people here. This week we've met quite a few! The ward is so great.
On Wednesday we were out and about trying to find people to teach. We were trying to find a particular house and suddenly Sister Jeppson said, "wait, you mean that house?" It turns out that the person we were trying to find was next door neighbors with our ward mission leader, Brother S.
Her name is Elaine, and she works nights so it wasn't the best time to talk with her. So instead we went next door and shared a message with the Hoopers. They are so sweet. =)
Thursday was neat! We had zone conference, which means all the missionaries from the area (Great Bridge, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, and Smithfield) meet and get to learn from one another. It was a great conference. I came with questions that I was seeking answers to from the Spirit, and I had those questions answered! =)
We were able to visit Brother and Sister E on Friday night and share the message of the Restoration with them and their two kids. It was a great experience! Though they already have testimonies of it, the Spirit was able to bring to mind people that they could share it with. :)
Saturday we got to go to the church and watch women's conference! It was so neat! I love love love general conference and we had been looking forward to it all week. I'm very excited about this next weekend too! We are so blessed to have living apostles and prophets today who teach us and guide us.
Sunday night was so neat - we were out and about as the sky was glowering and threatening rain. We went around visiting members of the congregation so we could get to know them better. The last person we went to visit was Victoria. We were actually going by to see her grandparents, but they weren't home. But she and her best friend were. We got to talking and talked about her job and her plans, and some trials that she is going through. Her friend, Corey, came out and joined us partway through. We asked him about his beliefs, and he showed us two tattoos on his arm. They say faith one way, and hope if you look at it upside down. They both, Victoria and Corey, are going through hard things. We promised them that the message that we share would help them and bless them. They said we could come back tonight! So we're going to go tonight, with a member of the ward, and share the Restoration with them.
I know that Heavenly Father really loves us, and that we are His children. I am so happy to be a missionary, here, helping everyone. :) I hope ya'll have a blessed week! Don't forget to watch General Conference (

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