Monday, December 28, 2015

August 31, 2015- Need More Miles

So as missionaries we only have so many miles we can drive a month (car contract stuff) and we were running low this week...
We've been praying all week, "please help us to work hard". And it's been fun! Quite a few members have come out with us and we've had some neat experiences.
On Tuesday we went out with Sister C and got to visit a less-active sister and brighten her day. Sister C is the smiliest, nicest, sweetest person, so she's amazing to take to visit people! As we were driving back, she said, "Hey, would you like to visit my best friend's aunt Fannie?"
"Sure!" we said.
So we got to visit 95-year-old Aunt Fannie and brighten her day too. It was really fun. =D
Then we invited Mia, who is super great!, to come out with us to go see a woman named Barbara. We sat on her back porch and taught her about the restoration of the gospel. At the end she was saying, "Well, where do I get a Book of Mormon? I want to read it!" Mia was so excited as we left. "That went so well!"
As we were leaving, we noticed a member of our ward out mowing her lawn. We went over to talk to her and get to meet her. She said she has a lot going on and both of her parents are sick. She told us about why she stopped going to church so long ago. We asked her for her phone number and she said, "I'm not ready yet." So we gave her ours and left.
We saw the Tinneys that night - they are so cute! Sister Tinney told us some fun stories and we shared some scriptures on hope. We love visiting them! Sister Tinney loves to cook and bake. Coming up on the 11th the wards are doing a dinner for all the first responders in the area, and the wards are making lots of cakes. Sister Tinney heard about this from her daughter and demanded to be signed up! Making food and cake is one of her most favorite things. =D I love her!
Also on Tuesday night, it was 8:30 and we needed to see somebody. We couldnt just head home early! =D So we stopped by a member's house who we didn't know so we could meet them. We knocked and all these yap-yap dogs started barking and this woman started shouting at them and slamming doors. Sister Rawlings and I looked nervously at each other. The ruckus calmed down a little bit, and we knocked again. The dogs started freaking out again. More yelling. After a few minutes, it didnt seem like she was going to answer the door, so we made a hasty exit. ;P
Wednesday we taught Alicia again. She is doing so well! She is already reading from the Book of Mormon. She says there is a lot she doesn't understand, but she knows she feels peace as she reads, and that understanding will come through prayer and more study. Alicia is wonderful! She came to church on Sunday and Sister B took her under her wing and helped her get where she needed to go. We talked to Alicia afterwards and she said that she felt like church was familiar, even though she hasn't been in many years, and that she felt comfortable there. She said "I've been to so many different churches. At some I feel comfortable, and some I don't. I feel comfortable here." I'm so excited to continue to work with her! =D Shes amazing.
We went out with Sister O that afternoon. We were supposed to see Barbara but she wasn't home. So we chose someone nearby to see. We got there at exactly the right time to catch Alicia (a different Alicia) as she was waiting to pick up her kids.
On Thursday Sister D gave us a ride to get my glasses fixed, and another Sister D gave us a ride and fed us dinner. We've really been blessed this week, as I look back, with members helping us. Heavenly Father made sure that we were still able to work even though miles were low!
Thursday we dropped by Sister J and talked with her - she wasnt going to let us in because she was busy, but she loves talking to us so much that she relented and let us in. We committed her to come to church on Sunday - but she didnt come. =(
Friday was really fun! We had our missionary meeting where all the missionaries in the city meet together to get training and such. Sister Rawlings and I gave a training on studying as companionships each day. I think it went pretty good. =)

Then we went out to invite others to come unto Christ! We went to a pedestrian-busy street and walked around, handing out cards, and inviting people to listen to our message. We met lots of interesting people - we even ran into the Elders, because they stole our idea. Haha.
We met Ms Shirley and Daritt as we were walking around. They were hanging out outside of their apartment building,just enjoying the day. When we invited them to hear our message, they said sure.
So, standing there, we handed them pamphlets and shared our brief message. We emphasized that it really is all about Christ, and they understood a lot of what we shared. At the end, we asked if we could come and share more with them, and they declined. =( I just know that everyone needs the opportunity to hear what we have to share, and then its up to them. I know that what we share, and acting on the message, honestly blesses the lives of people for the better. I know that it can change people and help them become closer to Jesus Christ. I have seen more happiness, peace, and direction from living the gospel than with anything else. John 7:17 talks about this principle. I love that scripture. :)
On Saturday, we stopped by Sister J's again. She was practicing her bass guitar, probably for a performance on Sunday. We had a great visit with her, and committed her to come to church. I love her so much! I just wish that she would come! I know that she needs the light and peace that living the gospel brings. Maybe someday she will decide to come!
Sister Rawlings served here a few months ago, and while she was here she met a woman named Kenya. Kenya came to her mind the other day, so we called her. She remembered Sister Rawlings and we made an appointment to come by. She had forgotten, but she was at home, so we shared our message with her and invited her to pray about it and ask God if it was true. She said she would. Kenya is so sweet, I really hope that she decides to learn more! We're going back this week to share the Book of Mormon with her.
Sunday was SO STRESSFUL. We were completely out of miles, so much so that we went over getting home on Saturday night. Though I was sad, it was a blessing that our Saturday night appointments cancellled, because I don't know how that would have worked...
So Sunday morning, we have no way to church!!!!!!!!! That night and morning we tried our hardest to figure things out, but it was stressful.
However, Heavenly Father blessed us and we made it to our meetings. Whoo hoo! 6 hours of church is a lot, sometimes. Since we serve in two congregations and have a meeting before church, it ends up being an all-day thing! =P We asked a member if they could drive us home after, and she invited us to her home for lunch! Sister W is the best!!!!!
Then Sister S came and picked us up from our house and took us out to visit people all afternoon. Heavenly Father really does take care of us, through the members here! We visited quite a few people, including another woman, Felicia, Sister Rawlings had met a few months ago. Then we came home, ate something, and crashed! It was a long Sunday. =D
I love all of you! I know that the Lord takes care of His people! I know He loves you and I know that this work is real. There is no possible way that things would just work out, turn out, come out, the way they do if this was not His work. I am so excited to keep working hard, and keep inviting. I love you all! Be a light on the hill, a city that cannot be hid, a candle on a hill this week and be an example of the believers for those around you. (Matthew 5:14)
You are loved!
Sister Megan Moore

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