Monday, December 28, 2015

October 19, 2015- Helping at a Wedding

Hello everyone! This week we started off with a lot of appointments scheduled, but everything fell through. The people we are teaching are having a really hard time lately. :(
On Tuesday we had exchanges, and I went to Great Bridge with Sister Beifuss and Sister Bohn. We had so much fun! =D That evening we had dinner with a former mission president couple. They are so cool. We got to talk missionary work and it was all around fun. Then we went tracting. That was fun too! We just went from house to house inviting others to listen to our message. We met this kind lady from New York and talked to her for a couple of minutes. I love talking with everyone. :)
The next morning we had studies and then I came back to Smithfield. We had an appointment with Heather! She has lots of questions about religion and we are excited to help her find answers.
On Thursday we ran into this really sweet gal named Sam. We saw her dogs playing in the dog park and we went up and started talking with her. It's fun to have experiences like that, because it's fun to just get to know people and talk with them. Last night we were calling people who had at one point said they were interested in our message. We called a man named Derrick, and had (easily) a 20 minute conversation with him about God and belief. I love having the opportunity to share what has blessed me so much, with others.
Thursday was cool, we finished weekly planning, had dinner with our ward mission leader, and then in between dinner and coordination (which is also at his house), they let us use their living room to plan our training for district meeting on Friday. We gave a training on exact obedience. Sister Jeppson comes up with really cool object lessons, so we had each missionary look at their name tag as we read a scripture about covenanting to serve Jesus Christ and being a witness of Him to the world. It was so cool! We pointed out that the name Jesus Christ is on our tags and that we should do all we can to be exactly obedient to mission rules because we love Him. It was cool. :)
We got to see the Flippos and the Hunters on Friday, and share messages with them.
On Saturday, the Buenos got married!!!! =D They are two members of the Smithfield ward and they are so so cute. :) They are both relatively recent converts, as well. We went early to help get the food ready, and it was so fun to be a part of the wedding excitement! Her colors were purple, white, and silver and it turned out really nice. :) The Spirit was definitely present as Bishop talked with them and as they said "I do". :D So cute! It was fun getting to meet their families and talk with them, and also to help out and serve! The two of them are so happy. They sat next to us in church on Sunday and they looked so happy! :)
Then we got to go out with Rachel that evening, and that was eventful! All the people I chose to go and visit didn't end up working out very well. The first person lived in a not-great neighborhood and we got out of there as fast as possible. The next address led our GPS to the middle of a corn field. XD So that was an adventure!
Sunday was wonderful, I came home from church really feeling filled. I know that the Sabbath day was given to us for a reason! I love the things I get to learn at church from the Spirit. I learned that perseverance to do things that are hard for us actually, over time, makes weaknesses become strengths. (see Ether 12:27) I love this church and I love this gospel!
Sister Megan Moore

Wedding! =D

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