Monday, December 28, 2015

October 5, 2015- General Conference!

Hello everybody! Just to let ya'll know, Hurricane Joaquin went out to sea, so happily he has not caused a problem here in Smithfield. I thought it was interesting that it shares a name with the valley of my origin! =D So I took a liking to the swirling mass of destruction. Odd, huh?
Anyway, hello! General Conference was amazing! I hope ya'll had a chance to watch/listen to it, and if you haven't yet, go back and watch it! I really loved all the talks and after it ended I just wanted to listen to more! I know, I know, I'm silly. I loved Elder Stevenson's talk. He talked about feeling inadequate, and as a missionary I feel that every day! I know that the Lord will make up for the rest. :) I also really liked President Uchtdorf's talk, and President Nelson's. I love general conference and I can't wait to get the talks in print!
We saw a neat miracle on Tuesday. Sister H from the ward had signed up to go out visiting people with us, but she only had a very limited amount of time to do so. The person we had hoped to see wasn't home, so we went to see a less-active member nearby. We met his wife, and she actually only had a couple of minutes too. She was getting ready to be deployed on Friday, and said, "you can come back in six months". What a miracle it was that we stopped by when we did! I know that the Lord has a plan for her and her family, and that there was a reason we were sent. Heavenly Father reaches out His hand and shows His love to all of His children. :) Now Sister H knows her, so even though I will be long gone, this sister that we met will not be forgotten! =)
Wednesday night it POURED and POURED and then some members told us that a hurricane was on it's way! O.o
Our missionary leaders told us the things we needed to do to be ready, and to be ready to leave if necessary. However, it turned out that the storm never came. Boy did it sure teach me a thing or two about being prepared, though! 72 hour kits are a must!
Friday was super cool, we had interviews with President Baker and I learned a lot. Then we had General conference this weekend! The Mosleys invited us over to watch it with them and it was very enjoyable to "be taught at the feet of the Apostles and prophets" as they kept saying yesterday. :) I invite all of you to listen carefully to the talks and pay attention to how you feel and thoughts that come to mind. I know that these men are called of God, and that the Spirit can teach us (as specifically as needed) all things we need to know. I love this work! I love the gospel!
Talk to you next week!
Sister Moore

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