Monday, December 28, 2015

November 2, 2015- Hey Ya'll!

This past week has been so crazy choc-full of miracles it's insane. :D Greenie miracles are a real thing!
Wednesday morning, bright and early, we woke up and headed out to the Portsmouth chapel for our training meeting. I stayed with the Franklin sisters, Sister Lowry and Sister Evans, for Monday night and Tuesday. Sister Lowry is training, too!
Our first meeting was with just the trainers and President Baker, and I was so nervous I could hardly pay attention! Then we finally got to go to the meeting where we would be assigned our companions. Ah! It was kind of like some sort of suspenseful game show...
Not really lol. President Baker gave his slide show tour of the mission, which is always fun. Then I got assigned my companion! :D
Her name is Sister Lundquist. She is from West Jordan, Utah and she is so great! She is a cosmetologist, 19 years old, and on fire for missionary work! She has a powerful testimony of the gospel and wants to share it with everyone! She is so great!
We've been having a lot of fun the last couple of days. The first day we had no plans and it was up to me to think of something purpose-driven to do! So we went out knocking on doors, and we had a lot of great experiences! We knocked at this one door with a really cute stylized E on it and a gal named Tori answered. She's 22 and newly married. She and her husband are Baptist, and he is a youth minister. We talked about Christ and our purpose as missionaries. She was so nice!
That night we practiced teaching together with some members. It was fun to be able to build our relationship with them, and strengthen them, too!
Thursday was weekly planning. We were able to finish within 3 hours, yay! That's pretty good for the first weekly planning of a transfer. We had the opportunity to teach a new investigator named Joyce! It was our first time teaching an investigator together, and Sister Lundquist did really well. It was a lot of fun.
We went to contact some members we don't know, and discovered that she was very uninterested in us coming to see her. "Don't come back," her husband said.
:( Sad day!
However, we were able to meet her neighbor, Gary, and set up an appointment with him. Miracles!
That night we had coordination. We were so determined to get there on time that we got there a half hour early. Haha! The Sumraks are great! We got to talk with them and get to know them, and then we had coordination with the elders too. The elders are both new to the area, so Brother Sumrak filled them in on Smithfield. It was fun! :)
Friday we had district meeting and we also got to visit Tasha. She's so great. We asked if we could practice introducing the Book of Mormon to her. We felt the Spirit and invited her to think of friends she could share it with. She had a friend come to mind. We're excited to follow up with her!
Then we drove WAY WAY WAY far away into Suffolk to pick up canned good from a sister named Angel. She heard that the ward was doing a canned food drive and wanted to help out! It was so cool, and a neat way to get to meet her. She was a little late to meet us, so we got to talk to her neighbors, Joe and Jessica, who were waiting for their son to get of the bus. They are a cute little family. :)
The ward Halloween party was on Friday and it was so fun! A lot a lot of people came! A lot of members brought their friends, so we were able to introduce ourselves to them. One family in particular, Sean&Heather, seem really prepared! They said they are awful busy so it'd be hard to come visit, but we have a good feeling about them! Would ya'll pray for them, that we'll be able to meet with them?
Then we saw the Flippos that night and talked to them about the Book of Mormon as well. They are wonderful! Brother Flippo likes to hunt, and he says that when he catches a deer he will share deer meat some with us! I'm excited. :)
Saturday was fun, we did a lot of service! We helped Sister Roswold clean her apartment before she moves, and then we helped the Mutispagh's pack for their move. Sister Lundquist got to shake hands with their pet wolf! (I got a video!)
Then we had dinner with the Todds. They are so cute! We felt inspired to share the Plan of Salvation with them. We had no idea that she was pregnant with their first child. How inspired is that! :) So the lesson went really well. We love them!
Fast Sunday was great, I love going to church because I always feel inspired and filled. We even got to talk to a man playing basketball with his son, after church, and set up a return appointment!
Miracles abound!
That night, we met the Myers, for the first time. We've been trying for ages! They are such a sweet family and they have a goal of coming back to church again. Their son Ethan just turned 8 (go figure, their sons are named Ethan and Caden...isn't that a coincidence?) and we are hoping to help him progress toward baptism.
Then we also visited Sister Timm. She is not feeling well, so if ya'll would pray for her too I'm sure those prayers would be appreciated.
I love ya'll! I love this work and I know this message we teach is true.
Have a great week!
Sister Moore

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