Monday, December 28, 2015

December 28, 2015- and a Happy New Year!

Christmas was super great! Sister C, who went on a mission herself, set up Skype for us and our families and then we had a wonderful Christmas dinner with her and her family. It was a really great day! We spent the morning with Jeanette and her family playing fun card games. :D
We saw a really great miracle this week! We invited a member to come out with us to see Jeanette and her family, and he invited her whole family over for dinner! It's so great to be able to teach in a member's home, because the Spirit is strongly present and they all get to bear their testimonies, to help those we are teaching learn. I am so grateful for that miracle. :)
We've done a lot of walking this week. We park our car outside a member's house and walk. It's really fun, because I feel like Smithfield is "my town". You know? We are the area missionaries, we serve everyone here and love everyone here. We go around talking to people and meeting them and offering to serve them and also to share the truth. This is such a happy, joyful work. It is the work of God!
On Wednesday we went out to Windsor to see Wendy. We didn't know if she remembered our appointment and we hadn't heard back from her even though we texted and called. When we showed up, she and her daughters had just barely gotten home and Wendy was stressed and flustered from all of the running around they had been doing. She had forgotten we were coming over. But, she invited us in. We talked about the Book of Mormon and the power that comes from reading the scriptures. She understood everything we talked about. It was amazing. :) It was amazing to see the difference in her demeanor from when we arrived and when we said the closing prayer. She was much calmer. She said that she really appreciated us coming, and wanted us to come back again!
Christmas Eve was really cool - we had a lot of planning to do, but when we finally headed out for the day, we weren't sure what to do. We couldn't just drop in on people on Christmas Eve, so we settled with taking cookies to people. We were driving back to our home to make some more frosting when Sister Lundquist spotted a lady outside in her yard, picking up pine cones. We pulled over and offered to help. So for 15 minutes or so we finished the entire yard. :) Her name is Mary and she's the sweetest lady. I am so grateful that we got to meet her! Heavenly Father always puts us where we need to be.
Saturday we did more walk-walk-walking around. We're pretty low on miles this month and walking is actually a really good thing! We were walking around one of our favorite apartment complexes, meeting people, and knocking at doors. We saw some of our friends we have met previously and got to talk with them. We also saw Shaquea, another friend of ours. She seemed to be having a rough day, so we just gave her hugs. :) We met a lot of new people, too. Jayschele let us in, and we taught her and her family the restoration. We also met another Tiffany and taught her as well. I know that the message of the Restoration brings people closer to Christ and thus closer as families. What greater blessings could we have than increasing our personal relationship with Jesus Christ?
I know that every individual can come to know Him as a Friend, a Brother, and our Savior. Because of what He did for us, I can feel guilt be erased, I can have emotional scars healed, and I can feel peace even when I worry. I know that because of Him, God answers my prayers. That's why we always finish our prayers "in the name of Jesus Christ". I love my Savior and I am so grateful for Him!
I love ya'll! Have a happy new year!
Sister Megan Moore

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