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April 20, 2015- Hello Everybody!

Thought for the day from the fifth verse of "How Firm a Foundation"

5. When through fiery trials thy pathway shall lie,
My grace, all sufficient, shall be thy supply.
The flame shall not hurt thee; I only design
Thy dross to consume, thy dross to consume,
Thy dross to consume and thy gold to refine.

So true.

Well this week has been interesting. We went to visit Sister S. She doesn't come to church, and hasn't for about 15 years. Her 10 year old daughter, Jean, has not been baptized and I don't think she has ever come to church. We taught Jean, and invited her to be baptized. She accepted! Then as we talked some more, she asked "Well, when am I getting baptized?" So we set her for May 30th! =D
We are so excited!

I really love teaching with Sister Jacobsen. She is an amazing teacher. She is bold. She knows the truth. She testifies powerfully! She's not nervous at all to commit someone to do something that is good! =D She's amazing. I love her.

We also had this experience where our appointment fell through with Kristen, and we had a member all ready to come out with us. So we took the member with us to go see some potential investigators. The first person we went to visit was Mr. Powell. He let us in and we got to talking. He is Baptist and is very firm in his beliefs. For the first few minutes we really were just arguing with him. I didn't like that one bit. So instead, we started testifying. We opened with a prayer. We started teaching. We read from the scriptures, and the Spirit of the Lord was able to be there. He wasn't convinced of anything we had to say. He had already decided that he wasn't going to even consider what we had to say. But he was nice and cordial and we had a good discussion. We committed him to pray and ask God about Joseph Smith and see if it were true. He said he would.

The member who came with us was really excited she'd actually gotten to teach someone with us! She was really great, too. She testified and taught and was a powerful witness to what we had to say. She's great! Sister Jacobsen told me that I taught really well under pressure. *blush* =-)

Then we had this WONDERFUL experience with a family in our ward who also is out of the habit of coming to church. Missionaries have taught the daughters for many years. We went over to teach about the Restoration, and invited their mother to join us. We all sat down in the living room and watched the DVD. As we started to discuss it, the daughters started fighting. We kept trying to discuss, until finally Sister Jacobsen said "Sandra. The Spirit cannot be here if there is contention. Would it be alright if we offered another prayer to invite the Spirit back?"


So we did, and it was amazing. The Spirit came so quickly and so powerfully, even more powerfully than before. We testified of the Restoration and talked with them. We invited them as a family to pray and read and come to church. Their mother said "yes. we will do that." She still has to work on Sundays a lot, but I KNOW that as they start this habit, that their desires will change and they will pray so that she can be there, and Heavenly Father will help her schedule change so that she can. Wow! I am so excited for them as a family. There is a little 6-year-old daughter who this will help so much as she prepares to be baptized. Wow!

That was our week, I hope ya'll's' week was good. I know you're pretty busy with all the things you are up to, but never forget that the Atonement is real. That the Savior loves you. That forgiveness is real and change is possible.




I know it!

I love you all very much,
Sister Moore

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