Friday, August 7, 2015

March 16, 2015- Friday the 13th is my DAY

Hello everybody! I hope ya'll have been having a blessed week! I know mine sure has been!

The highlight of last Monday was finally being able to see 17 Miracles for a Sister's Preparation day. Boy is that movie sad! The pioneers sure witnessed a lot of miracles.

On Tuesday we went tracting in the sunlight, under a blue sky with green green fields. It was the best. We parked in front of a house that had 40+ cows in the front yard. Moo! We saw a little brown cow. =D

Later, we helped the Brock family prepare to watch General Conference. Are ya'll excited? Because I am!

Wednesday was really stressful. We had a few appointments set up at conflicting times. We prayed and prayed about it, and it worked out. Phew. There was no way we could have done that alone!

We headed out to Seven Springs for an appointment to tract a little beforehand. We went to one house and a sweet little old lady opened the door. We shared the Restoration and she believed it could be true. We invited her to pray about it. She wants her grandson to take her to church! Her name is Lena, and she is so prepared! She soaked the message in and wanted to know more.

Then we finally got to meet Sister Pence. We talked to her about general conference too. She's pretty excited about it. =)

Then we rushed to the church and Sister Kunzler taught the Young Women how to do manicures. It was really fun! Then we rushed to a member's house to teach them about Family History. They were really excited about it. We only got them accounts and just barely going with the time that we had available, but the Spirit of Elijah is real - I can testify to you of that!

Thursday was great! We had lots of time to go invite others, so we walked around for a few hours in the sunlight, talking to everyone we saw. We talked to many people! We talked to an older lady who was really sad, so I felt the distinct impression "This is my sisters, and the message we have to share with her will help her be happy!" I told her as much, and pulled out the Book of Mormon. I didn't know what to have her read! The Spirit whispered to me to open to Alma 11. As I opened up to it and read the chapter summary, I smiled. It was exactly what she'd been needing comfort on. I love the Spirit! It is truly a gift!

On the way back we ran into another little old lady who chatted and chatted and chatted ( the third in a row ) and we were really really late to a dinner appointment with Patsy Kelly. We felt so so so so bad. But you know what? It worked out. Because she hadn't changed the time on her clocks! So we got there twenty minutes "early" even though we were 40 minutes late and we were right on time for dinner! What blessings the Lord sends us for doing His work and taking time to talk to all of His children! =D

Then we had an AMAZING lesson at Jenny and Sandra's. Their friend Timmy was over. We invited each one of them to share their favorite scripture story. It was amazing! They are teenagers and pretty focused on teenager things, but as we read from the scriptures together, everything changed. They calmed and focused and helped one another. Jenny helped her little sister read from the story of Noah's ark. It was amazing. It was truly a blessing from the scriptures. I love reading the scriptures! I know they are true events.

Then we had an appointment at the Cruze's! Wow! We shared the message of the Restoration with them and invited them to think of names. We presented it, telling them at each point what we did with our investigators, and invited them to come to church, to read and pray, just like we would with our investigators. At the end, we asked them if anyone had come to mind. And one by one, each and every family member, even the littlest, had thought of one or two people! Wow!!! What power there is in personal revelation! We gave each of them a pass a long card to give out to the friends they thought of. Please pray for them that they will have the chance to do so! =D

Friday the 13th was amazing! I love Friday the 13th. For me, it's always the best day of the month! It always has been. And this one was no exception!

I gave a training at district meeting, with the zone leaders there, and it actually went well! =)
Then we went out to see our investigators Jonathan and Amy. LOVE THEM! Their hearts are softening so much! We introduced them to the gospel library and they were so excited. I am so excited for them!!! =D

Then we went tracting and met lots of interesting people. We met some of our neighbors, as they sat out on their porch in the sun. At first they did not seem interested at all, but as we shared some of the Restoration, something changed. "We have a modern-day prophet today..." Sister Kunzler said. "Say that again." The lady said. We explained it again, and told her about General Conference that was coming up. 'I want to watch that," she said. "When is it?" We told her. "I want to see for myself."


Her name is Lee and her husband's name is Rodney. We are so so so excited for them! =D I love General conference!!! There are so many blessings from it! I love studying general conference. I know that we have living prophets today.

On Saturday we went tracting in pouring rain. But when things are the hardest, they are the most worth doing! We had lots of good experiences. We talked to a lady in a flower shop, and I was distracted waving to someone else so I walked into a huge puddle. =D We were soaked for our lesson with Kristen.

She stood us up last week for a lesson so we were really worried. And as we thought, some people had been discouraging her from learning! BUT she said, "I have prayed, and I know for myself. I know that this is my path." She stood up to what they said, even though it was hard, and she wants to continue! Our hearts were so full of gratitude to the Lord after that lesson - they still are! Please pray for Kristen that she can continue to learn and grow in the knowledge of the truth, that she can know for herself!

We then came home, and walked and talked. We went up to this super sketch looking trailer and knocked and met Quita! It started out like most other contacts, but just like with Lee, then something changed. She invited us to come back, and is willing to meet with us and come to church. We have an appointment with her this week! Wow! I am so excited! Please pray for her, as well, and her daughter Amalia!

This week has been amazing. Yesterday we got to walk and talk and share Family History with people, and we had much success. I am so happy! I love serving a mission. I know this work is true, and that this gospel is true. I love you all!

I'm trying to do as my friend Sister Kayla Squire is doing and collect "Southernisms" so I here's yours for the week.

"Have a blessed day!"

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