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September 22, 2014- Be Ye Not Afraid

Dearest friends and loved ones,

We had a really awesome zone conference this past Wednesday, and Be Ye Not Afriad was the theme. We listened to a talk by Elder Uchtdorf, who said "Fear No Man!"
We don't have to be afraid in sharing the gospel or living what we believe. Because it's truth and it's right and it's good! I am so grateful for that uplifting conference. =D It made me all fired up to go and talk to everyone we see!

This past Monday we had a Sister's preparation day and went hiking in a national park. It was so weird because the ground was sand! It was really fun. We walked around and laughed and ate granola bars and talked about Jesus the Christ and our Old Testament reading and other cool stuff. =D

On Tuesday we had a WORD OF WISDOM day! As we planned, we discovered that everyone needed to be taught the word of wisdom! =D So that was super fun! There are great blessings and promises that come from living the Word of Wisdom.

We got to teach the Word of Wisdom to a member who has been struggling with it for a really long time. She was very quiet, and I'm worried about how she'll react. We invited her to come to addiction recovery class with us, where I have heard testimonies of miracles. She said yes!

We taught it to an investigator as well, and as we read through "abstain from tea, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs" he said: "Wait, so coffee is bad?"  "Yes," I replied. "Oh okay then."
And he committed to stop drinking coffee!
Funny story about that, too. We called him that morning to confirm our appointment and he was grumbling about something.
"What?" I asked.
"Oh well both my dratted coffee pots stopped working today..."
I ended the call with a smile on my face. We were truly inspired to share that commandment with him that day!

I was laid out with a cold for the last three days of the week. =( Sister Dodds is so awesome and made me soup and stuff. =)

On Sunday we went out to see people and one of them got really mad at us for being there. I was surprised how calm I felt as we walked away. Sure, I was a little sad and shaken, but I was like "Wow, that wasn't all bad." I can do this missionary thing! =D So that made me happy!

Zone conference was all about coping with stress, and ways to destress. That was awesome! We also got trained on a huge media project that's going to be happening on November 1st!
The Book of Mormon musical, a musical that is not sponsored by the church and is very irreverant is coming to our area. We want to spread the word on what missionary work is actually like by having members come with us throughout the day on November 1st and share pictures on their social media sites on what we actually do. How cool is that?! I'm excited!!

I love you all!
- Sister Moore

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