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October 27, 2014- Little Miracles and Tender Mercies

Hello all, I hope you've been having a good week. I've been praying for you!

Monday we got to help a recent(ish) convert hold her first family home evening. It was so fun! She chose her favorite Ensign article and shared it with everyone. I love Sister Morgan!

Tuesday we were trained in how to use family search because there is going to be a big event on the 19th where a bunch of people (members and nonmembers) are coming to learn how to use the program! So we are going to help them learn it. I'm so excited! Sister Z is so awesome and patiently taught us and showed us where to click. The elders were having a hayday because I don't think they've ever looked at it before. Elder N was like "I feel a connection to [this ancestor]! He had a funny name!" =) That's the Spirit of Elijah!

Then Sister Z discovered we didn't have a dinner scheduled that night, so she took us out to dinner and I got a spinach calzone. That's one of my Dad's favorite foods so I just had to get it! =)

Then we stopped by an active family because all our other appointments fell through and it was dark outside. We always have really good experiences when we stop by active families. We got to know them a little bit and shared a thought with them. They have a really long German last name - Niepraschk. =D And that's if I'm spelling it right. They are SO COOL. Brother Niepraschk is a computer guy and we talked about math for a little bit. And Sister Niepraschk is a school teacher, so she and Sister Nielsen talked about teaching for a little bit! Haha! =D

Wednesday we did a lot of driving back and forth. There were some disappointments. Peter scheduled an appointment with us, and we brought a member, and he wasn't there AGAIN. Gr. What's up with that? Well, that's okay. Hopefully he'll call us back!

We "went knocking doors" like Gayle would say, and didn't get to talk with anyone. But we did have a surprise dinner (meaning we didn't know they were having us ;) ) with the Brimhalls! So yay! We made and ate dinner in about 50 minutes. Go Brimhalls! And it was super yummy. I'm glad I have the recipes! =D

We went to see the B/B family that night. Things are just getting tougher and tougher for them. We shared a message about hope. Wow! What an experience. We had NO IDEA what to share with them because things are so hard. "Endure to the end?" already shared it. "Faith?" already shared it. Hope was the last thing we could think of.

We shared it, and I said "we prayed and prayed to know what to share. and then we thought of hope." and she shared her testimony of how hope has gotten her through before. Her bad attitude suddenly changed, and she was talking positively. She said "I do have hope. Hope is all I have."

What a testament to the power of prayer and revelation! Only that particular topic could possibly get through to her and change her heart and attitude. Heavenly Father revealed to us exactly what she needed that day. I am so grateful! for the power of revelation. It reminds me of President Henry B. Eyring's talk from conference." Revelation is real!"

Thursday we got to have dinner with a less active, Sister Dildy. Wow! Her whole family is really active, and she has a few questions she's always had problems with and concerns with, so she asked us. She's kind of a confrontational gal, and so my main focus in the conversation was to not come across as contentious at all. It worked. Sister Nielsen and I carefully and calmly shared what we knew and believed, and listened to her concerns. We answered her questions quietly, and by the Spirit. Sometimes we didn't answer, or didn't share everything, because that wasn't what we were directed to do. After dinner, she said "You girls are fun." She's a funny gal. =D She has three super sweet girls. I hope we can talk to her some more!

Thursday night we also got to see Sister Williams. Things have been tough at work, but we were able to share a message about baptism and the Holy Ghost, and the importance of church attendance. It was a good discussion (she's often super quiet!). Sister Nielsen is really awesome at asking inspired questions!

Friday we went to the R-C family's home for dinner and to help them in any way we could. We dusted and cleaned, and then I asked if we could vacuum too. "You really want to?" Sister R said. "Yes!" I said. So we vacuumed and cleaned and dusted. Their family is going through a lot and they are so active and so strong that I just want to strengthen and help them in any way possible. they are always volunteering and serve so faithfully in their callings. This is a stressful time in their life and I want them to stay strong no matter what. I know doing little acts of service for them might not really help them in that way, but I want to do anything in my power to help ease their stress in some way. I am so glad she allowed us to help!

=) We also got to see the T family and practiced the Restoration lesson on them. My goodness. Their little three year old kept jumping off of things and running on the walls and screaming and crying and climbing on her dad and the dog was giving Sister Nielsen kisses and it was crazy. We got through "God is our loving Heavenly Father", which is the first doctrinal point in the Restoration lesson. =D It was so fun though. Brother and Sister T shared their knowledge of the historical background of the scriptures with us, so that was cool. =) Brother T was having a lot of fun pretending to be an investigator. =)

We had interviews Saturday! We went and were interviewed by President Baker. The interview wasn't very long, but we talked about some things we as a companionship could work on, and things we were doing well. It was good! =)

We went walking and talking that afternoon and stopped to talk to a group of four people eating lunch in the park. At first, we thought they were members! Just from their countenances and the way they spoke. But it turns out that they weren't! We asked, "what is your belief in Jesus Christ?" and they all shared their strong testimonies of Jesus Christ with us. Then they asked us! =D Wow! We had a really great discussion about the nature of God, and they asked us some questions about scriptures they were confused about in the New Testament. It was so wonderful, and open doctrinal discussion. They weren't interested in reading the Book of Mormon, but we had a great discussion and all left feeling uplifted. =D Wow!

We went to the Niepraschk's for dinner and I got to try chicken schnitzel! It's good! =D It's been a food-Dad-likes week for me! =)
We were blessed, too! We had worked so hard all day to walk and talk to people, but NO ONE was around. Wow. But then we went to this dinner, and they had a nonmember friend over! Then during the conversation she said "I wish I knew more about my family history..."
Sister Nielsen and I exchanged looks, and then she whipped out a passalong card and we shared and explained a little about Family Search. She was so grateful for the card and the opportunity to check it out! I sure hope we have the Cuban records I promised her... XD I'm sure we do! =D It was such a blessing! Heavenly Father rewards our sincere efforts, though sometimes not in ways we expect.
She was like "why didn't you ever tell me about this?" to her friends. "I've never told you I have my family history done back to the 15th century?" "No!" Hahah she was so jokingly outraged. =) She sincerely told us thank you! I hope she checks it out! (and that there are Cuban records....)

Sunday was full of miracles too. We set up a dinner where Gayle would come over to the Bishop's. But he couldn't come. =( So we took a plate over to him, full of yummy steak pieces and potatoes. It wasn't until we were on his doorstep that I realized we were bringing him STEAK AND POTATOES. When we call Gayle he always jokes "Bring money, bring food!" and he's always saying he wants steak and potatoes... wow! What a miracle!!!!!!!!
We showed up and his eyes got so big. They were just eating some ritz crackers and peanut butter for dinner..... Wow!  I am so grateful for the generosity of the Udy's and for being able to be an instrument in the hands of God! =D Wow! I am so grateful for blessings and miracles that we get to see every day, even in the tiniest things!

Like, this morning I was reading in the Old Testament about blessings for keeping the commandments, and then I flipped to my Book of Mormon reading, and read about the exact same thing. Coincidence? I think NOT! =D

I love you all! Go look for those miracles this week!
Sister Moore

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