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October 20, 2014

A thought from President Monson in the 2002 General Conference:"[We need to have] An attitude of gratitude, A longing for learning, A devotion to discipline, and A willingness to work."

Hello everybody! I can testify that those principles are of utmost importance. It's the small and simple things that really make the difference!

This week has been pretty great. On Monday we went to the Salem sister's place and played some games. That was really fun. My Apple to Apples cards painted me in the light of a supervillan. MUAHAHA!

Just kidding. =)

Anyway, then we got to go to the Debow's and practice introducing the Book of Mormon to someone. It was really fun. Sister Nielsen and I practiced teaching in unity. We all felt the Spirit testifying. Then, suddenly, the conversation changed and she was telling us about her and her husband's conversion story. It was so sweet and so powerful- I love when the Spirit prompts us to share. It's always something someone needs to hear.

Ha! So we were making phone calls on Monday night to potential investigators. We called one who had been a potential a year ago. She texted us back and said "Um, I'm already a member. I was baptized about a year ago." So that was awesome and super fun! =D

On Tuesday we had three members come out with us to appointments! (CRAZY AWESOME!) We got to see Sister P and Sister B on ward council visits, and Sister Pola came along with us. Those were definitely the houses where we needed to be that night!!

Sister P had been thinking about Sister Pola and gave her a call on Friday. So they got to talk. Then we shared a message about prayer, for which Sister P's daughter quickly left the room. But I gave her a hug and asked her about the play she wanted to try out for. She didn't try out, though.
Then we went to see Sister B. They have so many hard things that they are struggling with right now. And they are still struggling. =( We said "can we share a message with you?" and Sister B said "Oh yes! Please, because we missed Sunday." She just really ate it up and wanted that Spirit and uplift in her heart and home. I'm glad that we went.

On Wednesday we got rained on as we searched for people to teach. =) Then we went to see Sister O. She is so awesome. We had a really great discussion and I was just so happy to see her happy. She's been pretty down recently. We talked about Alma the younger's conversion story, and about the Holy Ghost as a teacher, and the importance of scripture study. We committed her (again) to check out Elder Bednar's talk. The whole lesson was really fun and we felt the Spirit as we discussed the gospel.

After seeing her, we went to get our car fixed. We had to wait about an hour and a half for the car, so we made phone calls and ate vending machine snacks. It was fun. While we were doing that, a sales representative came over and talked to us and left his card, so we gave him our card. He was really nice and we're going to follow up on the card in a few days!!

Friday was rough. We got a really weird call from one of the potentials we had contacted the day before and it was just weird. But it was okay! I learned a lot about faith and the enabling power of the Atonement from that experience. =) I was prompted by the Holy Ghost to say what needed to be said, and I didn't have to worry about it at all.

Saturday and Sunday were really great. We went walking and talking on Saturday and ran into this sweet old man watching his greatgrandchildren. We listened to him for a little while as he told us some stories from his youth. It really made a difference to him when we asked him about his belief in Jesus Christ and when we were so happy to hear that he had that faith. He then opened up to us and shared with us. =)

Then we dropped in on a family in the ward I didn't know. They turned out to be really sweet and we shared a scripture and got to know them. That was a fun experience. =)

Sunday was really good, we had a lesson with Gayle on the Restoration. He read the entirety of Joseph Smith History in just a few days. =)

Something I've really learned about recently is also how important it is to take the time to be genuine. Even though it will take longer, just do it. Be sincere. It makes all the difference in the world. =)

I hope you all have a wonderful week!
love, Sister Moore

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