Friday, August 7, 2015

February 23, 2015- Ice is Nice...Not Really

On Tuesday it "snowed". But really that just meant that it rained and then the water froze. On Tuesday morning, everything was encased in ice. The trees, the ground, our car, and there were icicles everywhere. It was beautiful! Unfortunately, that meant that we couldn't go anywhere, because the roads were iced over.

On Wednesday, the ice melted all day and we were allowed to go out. All day we were able to hear cracking and shattering noises as the rain that was paused mid-fall came crashing down. It was so surreal.

Sister Kunzler was impressed to pull over at a particular house, so we did. The lady who lived there let us right on in, much to our surprise! We talked to her for a while, and had a wonderful chat. We're not sure if she's prepared right now, but maybe she will be later. It was a neat experience, though!

On Thursday we had weekly planning, and then a wonderful experience with sharing Family History with a member. We shared a story from the February ensign, and then invited her to get started. We were worried she'd say she was too busy, but she readily accepted! So we're excited to get her started! =D

Friday was a wonderful day. We had an appointment with a potential investigator that we really wanted a member to come with us to. We finally found someone who was able to go, and she was willing to drive us, too! So we took the 25 minute trip down to Warsaw, and the person stood us up! =( So we stopped by Kristen's and left her a note reminding her about our appointment on Saturday.

Later in the day, we stopped by a potential investigator. She let us in! She apologized for not being home the last time we came, and we had a great talk with her! She's the mother of a member of our ward and has been a particular religion her whole life. She has lots of questions about the church that "no one has ever been able to answer for her". She's talked to missionaries before, but nothing much came of it. Her grandson, Connor, was over, and he chatted with us too. He said "yes ma'am" and "no ma'am" and reminded me a lot of Brian in that he loves getting to his church meetings early. =D So that was a fun experience. We're planning to go back and read the Book of Mormon with her, since that is the BEST way to get rid of contention.

Then as we were driving back from someplace, I noticed two ladies emptying garbage cans at the gas station, and commented about how miserable they must be in the cold. Sister Kunzler then said, "Let's go talk to them!" So we pulled over and it turns out that one of them has lived next to a member for 30 years, and the other one is engaged to a member in Goldsboro! (what...?!?!) They were so happy to talk with us and so nice! I'm excited to talk to them more! I LOVE inspired pulling over.

Then we had a WONDERFUL lesson with some members who are returning to church. As we talked about family history with them, they were excited to start! The Spirit was so strong in that lesson! The promise in Malachi is real!

On Saturday, we had our regular mission-wide conference call, and President announced that for a special trip, we were going to be able to leave the mission to attend the Raleigh temple!!!!!


Also on Saturday, we had a lesson with Kristen! Part way into the lesson, I felt like something was wrong. I realized that we still needed to follow up! We asked her, "Did you get a chance to pray about what we talked about last time?"
"Yes," she said. "I am still interested. I feel it's true."
We are SO STOKED. She ended up pretty much talking to us for a few hours. She has a lot of questions about the Plan of Salvation, which we were planning to teach but didn't get a chance to. We'll do some How to Begin Teaching next time with her and establish that we only have 45 minutes to spend with her, and we do have something to share with her. Namely the Lord's truth and His Plan! =D Yay! I love being a missionary!

Sunday was crazy. There was a baby blessing and a returning missionary talk, so the chapel was PACKED. Every seat was taken. The talks were amazing.

That night, we had a lesson with our recent convert family, and we had no one to bring! We couldn't go if we couldn't find a third female!

We desperately, for hours, called everyone we could, but everyone was busy!!! So eventually we ended up calling a less-active youth to ask her if she could come.

She could!

We went into the lesson planning to just read from the Book of Mormon with them, because, as I said earlier, it is the antidote to contention. As we began the lesson, I felt the same wrong feeling I'd had at Kristen's. We needed to follow up!

So we followed up on something and had a wonderful conversation that lead perfectly into reading with them! The lesson was so fun! All the little kids helped each other figure out the big words, as we read 1 Nephi 1 together. It took a long time, but was a great experience! The sister we brought with us got to hear Brother W's amazing testimony. As a surprise to us, Brother W's brother in law, Randy (who we want to teach) was there too! So he came and participated in the lesson with us. It was truely miracluous, amazing, and a wonderful experience. I love this gospel! We all uplift and edify one another! Teaching and bearing testimony is SO important. I love you all and I hope you all have a chance to share what you know this week.

Sister Megan Moore

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