Friday, August 7, 2015

March, 23, 2015- "We're just talking about God."

This week has been amazing. We've had the opportunity to tract a lot - which is a good thing!

Monday we acted out Book of Mormon stories with the Wood family - they had a lot of fun! Sister Kunzler drew out the first three chapters, and we had a lot of fun and laughs as the kids pretended to be the people in the stories.They loved it.

On Tuesday we discovered a SNAKE in our tree out front! It was scary-looking, too! So obviously we steered clear! We went tracting down the street as we walked to go see a member. We stopped to talk to a bunch of people who were out enjoying the weather. We talked to a man sitting on his porch. He recently has moved home. He has a church we was raised in, so didn't seem willing to attend ours. So I brought up family history. He said he'd worked on it in high school, and hadn't since. He'd be willing to get back into it again! We shared a family history card with him and had a really great chat. He admonished us to be careful on such a busy road. "We will!"

It was getting dark, but we stopped to knock at an open screen door. Rose came out. She was grilling in the backyard and invited us to come round back. We did. Her sister came over after work and said "are you selling something?" and Rose said "No, we're just talking about God." Her sister's name is Vonnie. We shared the Restoration and the first vision with them, and they felt the Spirit. We invited them to attend church and set up appointments to go see them.
Vonnie's appointment has fallen through twice now, sadly. =( We went back to see Rose on Thursday, and it had literally been the worst day of her life. A huge tragedy had occured that day and everything seemed to be collapsing around her. We shared a message of peace about the Atonement with her, and she said, "You know what? The tension headache I've had all day is lessening. I've felt better ever since you walked in my door."

I am so happy we were able to share the peace we find in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! I know that His Atonement is real, and that it is for everyone! I have had much peace given me through His Atonement and through prayer.

After we got home, we through pecans at the snake in the tree to see if it was real. It's not. Haha it sure scared us though. And we left it there...just in case.........

Wednesday we went tracting and ran into Toni and Jasmin! We were trying to find  a place to park to go tracting, and Jasmin runs up to us to say hi! I crack open my door and asked her if we could park where we were. She said sure!
The first trailer we went to knock at was her home, so she rushed inside after us. Her grandmother was there, and her great-uncle. They were very receptive to our message and wanted to come to church and hear more! We don't have her number though, so it's hard to coordinate things with her. We have an appointment on Tuesday and we're excited to go see her! Please pray that she will still be interested and want to continue to learn. =D Jasmin is the cutest! She wanted to look at my scripture case, and she loved the pictures of Jesus Christ on the outside.

On Friday we got to go to the temple! Wow! The Raleigh temple is beautiful. =) It was a very wonderful trip. We learned about family history in the conference afterward. I contemplated a lot on Friday, and the thought I came up with was "Follow Him". The entirety of the gospel is doing our best to be like Jesus Christ, and do what He has asked us to do. In that way, we will be able to come unto the Father. I love this gospel. I love the truth!

Saturday was CRAZY. We went to appointment after appointment. We had so many, we had to have an actual split! Sister Kunzler went with Sister T and I went with Sister H and we went to two different appointments! Mine cancelled on us, but we were able to visit with a less-active sister and really talk about her concerns in coming to church. Sister Kunzler had an AMAZING lesson with Kristen. Kristen has a lot of worries about coming to church, but she and Sister T hit it off instantly and they have so much in common that they just built each other up so much. Sister T bore her testimony powerfully and the three of them really felt the Spirit. We're so excited for Kristen!

We had an appointment with a potential named Ellen. The sisters have been trying to have an appointment with her for a very long time. We met her while tracting and walking around, and set up this appointment! She was there, though she was sick =(, and we shared the Restoration. She is very very intelligent and is excited to read the Book of Mormon. She really understands that it is all the same gospel, all the same church, as what Jesus Christ established while He was on earth. We are very excited for her to continue to learn! Her husband is super nice. While we were talking, he went out and bought us some chicken dinner plates from the church down the road.

"Would you like a plate? [of supper]" he asked. We hesitated. "Because I already have some for you, anyway."

Wow! He's so nice! =D

So please pray for Ellen that she can read and feel the Spirit testify that it is truth! =D

Sunday was crazy, I was SO exhausted.

I know that this church is true. I am so excited for conference!

I love you all!
Sister Moore

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