Friday, August 7, 2015

January 26, 205- What a Rough Week!

This week was really hard - not really sure why. Sister Kunzler and I were a little puzzled by it. But I know this means miracles!

I learned some things about trust this week. That trust is a form of faith. Sister Kunzler and I gave talks yesterday in Sacrament meeting, and that's what I chose to talk about. We trust in Heavenly Father that He hears our prayers, and that He will answer them. I love my Father in Heaven. =)

So, fun experiences. =) We were driving somewhere on Tuesday with our windows down because it's warm and beautiful here. Yay! I saw two little old ladies working in a yard so I waved. One of them waved us down. Turns out she was a former! Her name is Nadine. She told us about how she was borrowing pine straw from her neighbor to keep her bulbs from blooming early. "You ever heard of borrowing pine straw?" she asked us. We shook our heads. "Neither have I!" she laughed.

We got to teach Hayden again this week. He's a sweet kid! We talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Sister Kunzler made and drew an entire game to illustrate it. Wow! She is so talented.

We also got to teach the Woods on Monday! Man am I going to have a time of it trying to remember all their names. They are a SUPER AMAZING recent convert family. There's... Aidan, Valencia, Chavelle, Ireland, and Weyland. Phew! =D They are the CUTEST kids. They love love love to read the scriptures. Chavelle whipped out her Book of Mormon so fast. They they all sat down on the floor, scriptures open, eagerly waiting to read. We taught the 10 commandments using the hand symbols.We had a lot of fun. I love them!

We worked SUPER hard on Wednesday. We were out from dawn till dusk, it felt like. We ran around teaching members, trying to find potentials, serving people, and visiting less-actives. I can't believe how many people we saw! We had some yummy yummy Southern food and a powerful lesson at dinner. We've been sharing our testimonies of the Book of Mormon with the active members we teach, and then inviting them to read it this year. It's been a powerful experience! I love it! Sister Kunzler and I have really enjoyed hearing the member's testimonies of it. We've talked to some less active members about it, and returning less actives, and they have such strong testimonies. They tell us about their favorite passages and blessings and miracles that have happened in their lives because they have read it in the past. It's truly miracluous to see the Spirit at work, testifying of the truth.

I love truth! This is the truth!

We made some mistakes this past week, we've had lots of awkward moments - but we have also been protected, and we have witnessed miracles. A sister in our ward is helping her boyfriend come into the gospel. The members are starting to open up to us. We have the energy to do the work that is required of us.

I am so grateful to be serving here in Mount Olive! I am excited for this coming week.

This morning I studied "Are we not all beggars" from the most recent general conference. I also got to read in Mosiah 4, King Benjamin's speech. We are all hoping for mercy - for Heavenly Father to answer our prayers. So we must do our best to help answer the prayers of others.

I love you all!
Sister Moore

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