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November 10, 2014- I've Never Vacuumed This Much in My Life!

Unrelated to the title of this letter, I HAVE A NEW NEPHEW!!!!! =D Yay!!!! His name is Jack and he was born November 2nd, 2014! Yay!!!

On Tuesday we went to the Vieria's and Sister Vieria made some homemade tortillas! They were delicious! Earlier that day, we went tracting for a little bit. We went to about six houses, with varying reception. The first two houses, no one was home. As we left the second house, a car pulled up into the driveway. Awkward! =)
The third house, the guy was pretty nice. He was Greek Orthodox and accepted the card with a smile. The next two houses, they were pretty cold to us. The last one, she was buys, but nice. =) Tracting is kind of fun.

We did Deep Clean this week - every first Tuesday of the month we clean everything and take a few hours to do so. We had tons of appointments so deep clean was scattered here and there and throughout Wednesday too. We vacuumed our car and the apartment top to bottom.

We finally got to meet up with Danuta on Thursday! Yay! We tried so hard to teach the Restoration, but the member we went with kept bringing up a lot of random points of doctrine(?) and we didn't get a SINGLE WORD in edgewise between the two of them. So that was rough. But she still wants us to come back, so that's a good thing.
She was telling us that she feels really lost and wants a home. I don't want her to feel lost! Here's home! =)

Thursday didn't really go as planned. We scheduled a bunch of time for weekly planning and even started early. But around 11, a maintenance guy came by to fix something. Ahh! Well, we can't be in the apartment with him so we went out and did some weekly planning outside. But then it started raining and we hadn't eaten lunch yet and he hadn't left so we went to Quiznos. Quiznos is super good.
We went and saw Gayle later that day with Sister Rock. She asked if she could bring her family and we said YES! =D We had been pondering asking them to come! It was a really great lesson. We talked briefly about the law of chastity and then he brought up his concerns about the Plan of Salvation. The Spirit was there, and he was able to ask questions and all of us helped to answer. Shirley thought Eleesia was just so CUTE! It started to pour while we were there, so Gayle sent us out with umbrellas. He is so kind!

On Friday, we had a really cool zone meeting! We conducted part of it by the Spirit. It was really cool! So as we were acted upon, we sang, we shared, we talked, and we prayed together. It was a really neat experience.

Oooh, here's some revelation I had this week I wanted to share with you all. In personal study on Saturday, I was studying Helaman 1 and thinking a lot about something a member had said a while ago. "I think I'm strong enough."
Never EVER say "I'm strong enough." That's a chink in your armor. So speedy was the march of the Lamanites that they took Zarahemla, the very heart of the Nephites' power and strength. We are always going to be weak and in need of fortifying. I know I will never be "strong enough". We need to always read our scriptures and pray and plead for spiritual strength. We need to attend church, attend the temple, because we can never be "strong enough".
I felt that so strongly and I really wanted to share it with you all.

We had a really great lesson with Sister W on Saturday. We tracted in her neighborhood a little bit before and met two of her neighbors who were really nice. One told us to come back! Wow!
We talked to Sister W about tithing and fasting. We asked her what she liked about tithing and she loved the helping part but I could tell she didn't quite understand. So I straight out said, "that's wonderful. but it's a little different from just charity. it's a commandment." I hope she has a greater understanding after that discussion.
Then we offered to help out after the lesson and were like "we can vacuum!" So we did for thirty minutes before the chili cookoff. =D It was awesome. I ate so much chili! =D
Saturday was AWESOME.
We cleaned the building, and vacuumed the chapel and had a good time. We were having so much fun that we didn't realize we were late for an appointment. We got to Sister S's a little late, but had a great discussion anyway. We'd been planning to share this lesson with her for two weeks, and it turns out that it was exactly something she'd had questions about. Miracles!

We then went and walk and talked! I always get a little grumpy before walk and talk, not sure why. We chose a random neighborhood nearby to just walk in. Boy was it fun! We walked around, determined to talk to everyone, even if they were busy. (everyone was!)

We ran into Don, who was like "yeah, you guys come through every year or so." But he was super nice and we shook his hand and he drove off. We went up to a man on a riding mower and said "we're going about today talking to people about Jesus Christ." He said, "Oh, I'm Brother Anderson!" Hahahhahahhahahaha.... I laughed. =P He said he works out of town on weekends, which is why I've never met him. we also ran into a Matthew, a kid with orange hair and a spray-painted truck.
We were walking down a street and we saw a lady and a kid running with their dog toward us. They ran up to a house and we thought they'd go inside. But they stayed just long enough for us to come and talk. =) Yay!
We asked about her belief in Jesus Christ. "we believe in Him, but we should be closer to Him." She told us about her struggles in the past year. She said that Christ has gotten her through it.
She has darling twins - though we only met one. She was really what got me to go up to them. I waved to her, and she waited for us to come up. =)
We said, "When can we come back?" Not next Saturday, but the next! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday was crazy - we had a rough lesson with Gayle. He's really cemented into some sad interpretations of what the Bible says. =( We're trying our best to help! We love him so much!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!
I love you!

- Sister Moore

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