Friday, August 7, 2015

February 9, 2015- Hip Happenings in the Mount of Olives

This week Sister Kunzler has had a really terrible cold, so we have spent most of the week inside.

We were able to do things on Monday and Tuesday. We met with less-actives and had some really good experiences. We dropped by the Benetes' house. They have lots of little kittens! =D

We also got to meet this sweet little family. She is a middle-school teacher and has a ten-year-old daughter. We don't know why they don't attend church, because the mom has such a strong testimony! During the message we shared with them, I felt prompted to ask "do you believe that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the church Jesus Christ set up while He was on the earth?"
"Yes," she said. "Or I wouldn't have joined!"
During that lesson, I was very tired and Sister Kunzler was too. The Holy Ghost told us all things we needed to say. We knew exactly what we needed to say next. =) It was a wonderful lesson.

On Friday, we went to Zone meeting in Goldsboro. Our zone is HUGE! There are maybe 30-40 people in it. The Goldsboro stake center is GORGEOUS. There is so much wood and beautiful windows and rock. I just had to wander around!

I got a sweet note from Grandma on Saturday. =D I just love her so much! She bore her testimony to me of the church. I immediately wanted to share it! It made me think of how important collecting and sharing family stories, memories, and testimonies is!

On Sunday, Sister Kunzler and I made pizza! =D It was so fun! Heavenly Father kindly sent some sweet "Valentines" treats our way at church. A sweet member gave us a bunch of muffin mix!

Sister Kunzler and Sister Moore's Pizza Recipe

1 wheat tortilla
mozzarella cheese
Italian spices
tomato sauce
chicken bits

Slather Italian spices and oil on tortilla. Put on your toppings. Pop in the oven on broil for a few minutes. Enjoy!

They were DELICIOUS!!! I am so grateful for my wonderful, sweet, amazing-chef, FANTASTIC companion! She was feeling so so sick and she still had enough energy to celebrate with me. =D

Then I regaled her with my roller coaster story , so that was really fun. =D

I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week! =D Remember! Miracles happen!

Love, Sister Moore

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