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February 2, 2015- We Travel to Poland

President has issued a challenge to not use the word "awesome" this week, so that we can have more dignified language. If ya'll know me, which you do, this will be the hardest week of my mission!


"Let's do this thing!"

I learned a lot a lot about myself this week, and about the gospel. I love love love what I am learning here. I learned that sometimes listening and trusting the Spirit is learning to trust yourself. That was a powerful message to me and I've been thinking about it all week.

We had exchanges on Tuesday with the Goldsboro sisters. Our focus for the exchange was learning to listen to the Spirit. We had lots of opportunities to do so, too! We had an appointment fall through first thing, after arranging a member to go and everything. So we hurriedly jumped to back up plans. The member just barely turned 16, so this was her first time going on exchanges with the missionaries. We were determined to make it a good experience.

We went by a few less-actives. The first door opened and he was in the middle of cooking. "I'd shake your hand but..." "Oooh, there's a knife," Sister J said. He was still holding his kitchen knife. XD That was the quote of the day.

Then we went tracting. It was - um.... It was a really great experience! Each door was different. Some didn't answer. Some were really not interested. And the last one - BOOM.

Her name is Lou and she's from the Phillipines. "You have lots of ministers there," she said. Sister J jumped right into the Restoration and I was right there, backing her up and testifying. It was - amazing to me. I have never been that bold in my life! She agreed that we could come back! Wow!

Sister J had a crazy idea Tuesday night. "Let's hold a church tour," she said. "Tomorrow."
"For who?" I asked. "I don't know! We'll find them tomorrow!" she replied.

So Wednesday, right before we exchanged back, we were cruzing along listening to the most epic music we had available (also known as "The Master's Hand") and looking for the "elect church tour person". We opened with a prayer, and then started driving, trying to feel where we needed to go.

"Let's go there!" I said.
"Okay!" said Sister J.

We had to make a U-turn, and as soon as we pulled back into the road, the music changed key and grew to a climax. "Wow, that was perfectly timed," Sister J said. I knew it was no coincidence.

We pull into this very affluent looking neighborhood, driving around and trying to feel where to go. We felt that we should especially go to this one house. Brown brick, beautiful white multi-paned and rounded windows. "There!"

We go up, knock, our hearts pounding. This is where we need to be!

But no one answered. =(

We left a note, inviting them to come tour the building. We both felt good about that house.
In the end, we didn't manage to find anyone before we exchanged back. But I have faith that they found someone! I can't wait to ask them about it today at the Sister's P-day.

On Thursday we did some Family History training with Sister Walker, a sweet sister who has served three missions with her husband! I love family history!

Friday and Saturday, we worked really hard. Goodness! We spent 4+ hours straight each day, tracting and finding and visiting and talking, keeping our "line in the water" the whole time we were out. We had lots of miracles. We had lots of chances to see what we could improve on. I believe each "not so great" door gives you the courage and motivation for one particular person later! I know that's true. At the end of the night Friday, we contacted a potential who wants us to come back. His name is Michael, and his wife is named Charlotte. They are looking for good youth programs. They have a light about them. We are SO EXCITED.

On Saturday, the first person we contacted said "yes, I want to learn more about what you believe. Come back [this day]."


That was completely unexpected. We had no idea how to react. So we floundered a little bit. Heehee.

So Saturday was the last day of the month, and we had miles. So we said "Let's go on an adventure!" and we went to Warsaw, NC!!! It is so crazy-far out there and eats up miles to even visit. We went out there for the day, and worked our way back, contacting people, talking, tracting. We met some super cute little boys (one with super-cute little dreds :) ) who warned us about what houses had mean people in them! Haha we went anyway. =) But that was nice of them! We visited some less-actives.

And we ran into PAM. (who we just saw in the library right now....whhhhhhhhhhaaat?)

Before I got here, Pam was a former investigator. One day she came up to our front door and said, "come back and teach me some time."
Then, on exchanges, Sister Kunzler ran into her again, somewhere random.
THEN on our Warsaw trip, we randomly found her real house, where she was washing her car, across the street from someone we were coming to visit. She set up a return appointment.
THEN! WE SAW HER THIS MORNING. She works at the library.
I think Pam is pretty prepared or something, because she is being put in our path. I totally accidentally hit the potential investigator in the GPS. And we were like "oh well, we'll go then."
And she was there! Washing her car! What?????

So I am really excited. Miracles!

Church was great yesterday! This ward has really strong testimonies!

Basically,  "everything is [word retracted]"  here in Mount Olive! I love it! I'm warming up to the ward (meeting more people). Sister McPhail is such a gem! She loves the people here and is willing to tell us what's what! I love her! Sister Vickie Wiggins is amazing. She's a great Relief Society president. I just love it here. There is so much to be done, so much to be learned, and so many miracles to discern! =D

I will leave you all with something I studied today!

I read about Abinadi today, in Mosiah 12-17. Wow. In the past, I have read just one chapter a day, or one chapter at a time, but today I just had to keep going. I couldn't stop!

Abinadi powerfully testified of Jesus Christ. All prophets, since the world began, teach, prophesy, and write about Him, so that we may know how we may obtain a remission of our sins.

I love Abinadi's testimony! I love this story. It ends so sadly - but because of Abinadi and Alma, we have these words. We have these words of Isaiah expounded so simply.

Jesus Christ is the reason for our hope! I love the conference talk from this past conference called "The Reason for our Hope" by President Packer. Go check it out! =D

I know that Jesus Christ lives, and that He loves you. I know that this is His work.

I love this work! I love all of you!
I hope you have an amazing week!
Love, Sister Moore

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