Friday, August 7, 2015

May 25, 2015- Shea got Baptized!

Hi everyone! This past week has been CRAZY!

Last Sunday, we had that whole adventure with getting Shea's record from our house and running back while she was in her baptismal interview. That was fun. =D

We've worked with a few less-active members this week. We got to have dinner at a member's house, she lives in a really old (1890's) two story house by the railroad tracks. Super cool! She has two super cute little girls.

Tuesday we had our first appointment with Shaneka! She has taken lessons from the missionaries before and when she saw the Greenville sisters she stopped them and talked with them! The lesson went really well. She told us how much she wanted to change, and wanted her life to change. She gave the closing prayer and cried during it. Wow!

We taught Shea her last few lessons and coordinated her baptism. That took a crazy ton of work!

On Wednesday, Raven went out with us for 5 hours! Raven is 16 and is an amazing missionary. Her four friends come to church with her all the time. Shea is her best friend. She was so excited to come out with us all day, and even suggested going tracting! She's a rockstar.

Some garbage exploded in our trunk, so we took a little while to figure that situation out. Translation: scrubbing down our rug in the dollar tree parking lot in the hot hot sun. Whoo hoo!
But now it doesnt' smell any more!

Thursday we had another lesson with Shaneka. This time we taught her and her 8-year-old son Steven. He is so cute!!! We asked them if they wanted to be baptized, and they said yes! We asked Steven why he wanted to be baptized. "So I can be closer to Jesus!" he replied.
"Can we come back?" "Yes!" He said. "When?" we asked. "Anytime. Every day!" he responded enthusiastically, pointing to us with both hands. He's amazing. =)

Also on Wednesday, we called Sister W, someone Sister Allred has been working with for a while, and we were informed that she had passed away. We couldn't believe it. So on Friday we went to her funeral. It was so sad. Her family aren't members, and they don't understand or know about the Plan of Salvation. We saw how sad they were and were crushed. =( I am so grateful for my knowledge of Heavenly Father's plan for us. He loves us so much. He loves Sister W so much.

Saturday was the BAPTISM! I couldn't quite believe it! We spent all day running around preparing. Then we got to the church and set up and then took pictures. It all went so fast! (but so slow!) Everything went well. Shea came in her pretty new dress, and was so excited! She had been so worried about going under the water and stuff, but she was fine. =) Then on Sunday she was confirmed! I just wanted to get up and dance and shout! Shea is a member now! I love her so much! She has a strong testimony, and she shared it at her baptism! Everyone was very moved by her testimony of God's love, and I am so so happy to see her so happy. She glows! =) I love Shea, even though I barely met her two weeks ago.

This week was full of miracles, more than I probably even know. I love Kinston. The people here are so friendly. I love this work. Heavenly Father answers prayers. I know that is true with all my heart. He answers them, and is willing to grant to you any and all blessings He sees fit. He is our loving Father in Heaven. =)
I love you all! Thank you for your prayers!
Sister Moore

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