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October 13, 2014- A Month in a Week

Last week has been all time-compacted like a month has happened in seven days. A lot has changed!

Last Monday we got to see another beach sunrise and spend time with some of the sisters from the Virginia Beach zones. We had a lot of fun together. =)

Tuesday we got to do a lot! We went and saw Sister Jacks and read some more of her favorite stories from Alma. 

We saw Reggie (finally!!!!!!!!!!) and taught him the Plan of Salvation!! On Saturday, we were walking out to the car when we saw him sitting on his step, smoking. We decided to go over there and talk to him. We asked him about school and about his project making a model jail and how everything was going. Then we told him about the next lesson we wanted to share with him - how it was about where we came from and what happens after this life. He was really interested then, and made an appointment with us, that he kept!
We took Sister Wheeler with us and had a lesson on Tuesday! =D He really didn't want his house to smell like cigarette smoke, apparently, because he had two fans going and the couches covered with sheets and pouperri. He didn't ask too many questions during the lesson, but was more engaged than he was for the last lesson. We're really excited for him! He's finally progressing along!!

We had dinner at the Zondler's, then she came out with us to see Sister W. That was awesome! We had a lesson about the temple part of family history work - and she was excited to do it!
I also discovered that I'm allergic to pecans. Yayyyyyyyyy........ it's like I'm allergic to North Carolina.

Wednesday was Sister Dodd's and I's last day together. We had a really good day.
We watched Richard G. Scott's talk from conference with Sister O, because she hadn't had a chance to watch conference. She really had direct revelation and understanding given to her that this church is all about doing things as families, and strengthening the family. It was wonderful!

We also got to see Gayle. He really really enjoyed conference and his countenance was totally changed. Conference brought him huge clarity and revelation. His concerns were ironed out by the pure and simple testimonies of God's prophets. It was amazing! Sister Mogk testified strongly. We taught him about baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost. That last part was new to him and really made him think. He still won't commit to be baptized but he is willing to listen to the interview questions now. Yay! The personal power of General Conference is AWESOME!

Thursday was transfers. =( We drove 40 minutes up to Portsmouth and I helped Sister Dodds take her bags where they needed to go. It was fun to see the greenies getting assigned to their trainers. That was me only three months ago!
I gave Sister Dodds a big hug goodbye!!! It was weird not being companions any more!!
(I love you Sister Dodds!!)

Sister Neilsen is my new companion. She's quiet, and a really good missionary! There is so much I can learn from her!!

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we didn't have a lot of appointments, but we got to see some active members, search out some potentials and less-actives, and do a lot of good work. I love work! I love working hard! It's the best. =)

On Saturday, we did walk and talk for three hours in a shopping center. We walked around and around. At first, it was hard to even talk to people, but we progressed to saying "hi", then "hi how are you" then "hi! can we leave a card with you?" It was really really fun! =D I'm excited to get even better at it next week and find those who are ready to hear the gospel message. =)

Something really cool I learned today during studies:
I'm studying the old Testament right now and it really stood out to me today how familiar the Old Testament is, even though I haven't read it before. It's the same gospel, it's the same truths. I love that knowledge that I have! =)

Gayle and Shirley came to church yesterday!!!!!!!! =D

I love you all!
-Sister Moore

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