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December 15, 2014- It's Honestly Been 1 Week

It feels like it's been forever and a day! =D But in a super-good way! Hello everybody!

On Wednesday we were finally back up to full speed. Yay! We went out and SAW PEOPLE! =D Yayyyyy!!!

We tried to see a bunch of less-active members and share He is the Gift with them. Before we left, we prayed that we could be able to see people that day. That people would actually answer their doors. And then we were off into the morning sunlight and down traffic-heavy roads to find "those that would receive us" ! (D&C 42:8)

And we did!

We knocked at doors we had tried dozens of times before, and they opened! At one door, it made me jump! So it was really cool that we saw that answer to prayer.

We were out for most of the afternoon, and got to see Sister O for like an hour. We showed her and Niah the He is the Gift video. They liked it.

Later that day we got really lost on the way to Book of Mormon class because I got the address to the church wrong. So we drove up and down Princess Anne for a long time until we finally asked the Elders what the address was. XD

So Thursday was AWWWWWWWWWWWWESOME. We had a zone conference with Elder Snow (a general authority). He is super awesome!! We all got to shake he and his wife's hands at the beginning of the meeting, which was so awesome. We received lots of great instruction (and inspiration!).

We also had our ward Christmas party, and Gayle CAME! It was awesome. He and Shirley came in, all dressed up, and really enjoyed the evening. AND, tender mercy, they played He is the Gift for everyone, really loud, so he could hear it!!! Brother Bly was just tending to them hand and foot and it was so sweet. =D They really liked the party. Yesterday we called Gayle to check in on him and we ended up having this powerful discussion about how we can be taught even after we die, and that he and Shirley can learn together. That really struck him. It was such a powerful conversation.

Saturday was rockin'. 

Saturday was out "let's find someone to teach" day. So ALL day we did finding ideas. That morning we did a half hour of walking and talking in a neighborhood, and ran into this nice guy raking leaves. We offered to help, and gave him a He is the Gift card. He was really nice and we chatted for a while. I hope he watches it! While we were going around the block, we saw some weird-looking Virginia Beach geese that freaked Sister Petrie out. Ducks! (I am corrected).
Then we went to see some potentials. So yay we went to see Dana!

Oh my gosh the traffic was AWWWWWWWWWWWWFUL. We ended up in the wrong lane and there was NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO way were were getting over four lanes of traffic so we tried to escape by turning right but that didn't work, so we had to go back out. We saw the craziest and MOST illegal things. Three people trying to cut in into the right. It was NUTS. At one point we wanted to give up going to Dana's and try to make it home! But by a literal miracle we ended up at a light where we could turn left. Miracles!


But THEN! She pulls up next to us to talk to us!

"Hello! Did you get our note?"
"No, we've been on vacation. It was a cruise, but not very fun. We're off to a doctor's appointment, and still getting over a cold."
"Can we come by sometime?"
"yeah, next Saturday."

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! So we're going over next Saturday. Yay! After Dana drove away I freaked out, "if it hadn't been for that traffic, maybe she wouldn't have answered the door." I am so grateful!!! Yay!

At one point we were looking for potentials near Sister Mogk's house and we saw this cute little lady all bundled up with a cane. She had the most fun technicolor scarf on. So obviously we rolled down our window to talk to her across the street.

"Hello!" she says, as happy as can be.
A few cars drive by.
"I love your scarf!" I say.
"Thank you!! Happy holidays!" She says and we wave by. Wow! "She's awesome!"

To make up for all the terrible things we experienced while driving on Saturday, we were sent a cute little old man and his poodle. We were stopped at a light and Sister Petrie was like, "Sister Moore!" and pointed. I look over and a fluffy white dog is staring happily at me. His owner is pointing at the dog and smiling. I wave to the dog and smile. He rolls down his window and is like "this is my guard dog. I don't need nothing else." We laugh because it's such a friendly and tiny-ish dog. Then his light changes and he drives off, leaving Sister Petrie and I smiling.

Sunday was awesome too. Sister Pola called us up the night before and was like "can you teach Relief Society?" and we were like "yeah!" because we can't disappoint Sister Pola!! (she served a mission too)

It went really well! We prayed really hard, and ended up having a really good discussion go on and everyone had experiences to share and it was awesome and stayed on track. Miracles! I am grateful for that and I hope everyone recieved revelation from it!

We had dinner with Sister Six and her return-missionary daughter Elise last night. So fun! We heard lots of crazy stories about the island in Panama where she served. Wow is she tough! =D Man we're excited to have her come out with us!

Then we went to the stake Christmas cantata which was AWESOME. There was a part where they sang the Hallelujah chorus and it was rockin! Then they invited the audience to sing to be a part of that experience. So cool!! So Sister Petrie and I cheered each other on as we did our best to hit the highest soprano notes. It was so fun. =D

And today is fun too! the Salem sisters are with us most of today because they are getting their car fixed. Whoo hoo! =D

I love you all!

- Sister Moore

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