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November 24, 2014- Short Email This Week!

Hey everybody! I'm staying in Kempsville through the holidays! Yay yay yay!!!

In other news, we've had a really trunkeepocolips going on in Kempsville this week, as the two of us really began adjusting to the fact that Sister Nielsen is actually going home. =(

I love Sister Nielsen so much! She is to blame for my new-found love of pumpkin!!! She's such a joyful missionary and I am so proud of her for serving an honorable mission. You go, Sister Nielsen!!!

The members really took good care of us this week and it felt like we were just going from one meal appointment to another! We took lots of pictures with everybody, and it was just really happy and fun.

We got to see our investigators, too! Thank goodness! We're trying to see Gayle three times a week now. He's struggling and could use some prayers. =) We raked some leaves for Barbara and were able to meet with her. She's reading, she's reading! =D We've invited her to begin reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning. And she's doing it!

We got to see all our less-active friends too, which was a blessing. We had FHE at Sister Strider's house on Monday night and that was so fun! All the empty-nesters get together to uplift one another and it's always so fun. We were invited to give the lesson.

We had dinner with the Beelers on Saturday, and enjoyed pizza while talking about glass, family history, and serving as gratitude. I think missionary work is really missionary fun! =D

We also got to see Sister O. and Sister W.! We were able to share messages with them and take pictures too. =) What a blessing that we got to see them!

It's been a really good week, filled with a lot of laughs, hard work, and joy. I am so grateful that this past week has been a wonderful one.

On Saturday, the Carmichaels were baptized! The Elders have been teaching them and it was finally their big day! Gayle was able to attend, with Shirley, and he really loved the experience. He doesn't quite understand enduring to the end... but he really loved it and totally felt the Spirit. Miracles! =)

Yesterday Gayle played a trick on us (he's a nut ;) ). He has this silly gorilla mask, so yesterday while we were waiting for Sister Lawrence to arrive to the lesson, we were waiting in the car. He saw us, so he came outside with his gorilla mask and a shotgun. He stood behind a tree and looked at us. We waved at him. Eventually he went back inside. What a crazy guy! =)

I love you all so much, I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!
-Sister Moore

Sister Nielsen and I with Brother and Sister Sutton!

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