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November 17, 2014- Gayle is Getting Baptized!

Well hello everyone. This week has been an eventful one.

On Monday we made some pumpkin pie, and it actually turned out okay, if a little overcooked. =D
Then the next day, Sister Jacks surprised us with a pumpkin pie. XD It was like 10x better than ours. Heehee. Little tender miracles like that make me smile. She is such a dear!

We went to see one of our potentials on Tuesday. Her name is Deborah Cox. She was like, "oh you're back!" She was working on fertilizing her yard. She's 79 and has the greatest laugh. She is also willing to listen. Sister Nielsen asked if anyone she knew could also use a message about Jesus Christ. Sister Cox got this thoughtful look on her face and was like, "Yeah...I do." So she went inside and called up her neighbor. "I've got these two really nice girls over here..." Wow! She invited her neighbor to come to our return appointment!!

We had ward council visits this Tuesday, which is always fun. We went with Sister H to visit Sister Acuff and Sister Carmichael. We dropped by Sister Acuffs, and the two of them really hit it off. They exchanged stories about grandchildren and then we shared a message about faith. Then we went to the Carmichaels, walked right up to the door, looked in the little window, and saw that the elders were there teaching! So we backed away slowly and turned tail! =D Haha so we went one street over to visit Sister W, who hadn't been able to make our appointment earlier that day. So everything turned out really well! =)

Wednesday was an adventure. We helped clean at Sister H's house (because she's moving soon) and then we went out to see potentials. We got to talk to Eric again. He was home, working on something. We chatted, and he was like, "I'm kind of busy right now, but I WILL be in contact with you." Sweet!

We walked to a street nearby to tract for a little bit. We chose "Worship Ct" because, well, that's awesome. We were making up some little tracting ditties as we went. =) No one was around except for this cute! 90-year-old Baptist Sunday school teacher named Pearl. She was happy to see us and liked us well enough. We introduced the Book of Mormon to her and she was like, "no thanks!"

Then we ran into this man named Bill who was working on fixing a window. We asked him about his belief in Jesus Christ and he was like "Well, what I know is just the word on the street. I wasn't raised very religiously." So we talked to him for a bit about Jesus Christ and he asked us some questions. "Interesting, interesting," he said. "I want to learn more." So we gave him our number!

So we had dinner this week with the Bergesons. Sister P said they had a bad experience with missionaries not calling ahead in the past, so we wanted to do our best to make sure they had a good missionary experience! We were so cautious to make sure that we were there on time that................. we came a day early! =( !!!!!! I was SOOOOOOOOOOOO embarrassed!
Then we ran over to our actual dinner appointment, and we got there 15 minutes early. O_o
"Today is just not our day," said Sister Nielsen.

I got to eat some kim chi this week! It was really spicy, but I actually really liked it. =D

I had to go to the doctor's to get a prescription refilled, and we had not planned for this at all. So we were rushing back and forth back and forth and it was CRAZY! But while we were at the doctor's office I got to talk to the nurse a little bit about faith. Her name is Charlott and we left her our number. =)

We met with Sister O on Friday. We came by and talked about her scripture reading. (She read 1 Ne 1!) She likes the book club idea. =) We talked about it. She said "it feels like a prelude, like we're not getting to the meat of it yet." Yep, you're right! We're excited for her. She didn't like the yea's and "it came to passes" but we told her it just takes practice. She likes Old English, so she understood that. Then, (by the way, Nick Olenick is passed out in a chair nearby the whole time...) we watched the Restoration DVD together. She liked it and wanted to share it with Niah. Yay! Nick was asleep the whole time, but we were so hoping he'd wake up in the middle! Maybe he'll learn by osmosis!

We had other really great experiences this week, but it sufficeth me to say that


Yesterday, we headed out and picked up Sister Mogk to go over to Gayle's lesson. It went really great! We started talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ, but ended up talking about the Plan of Salvation. That morning, we had made big old plan of salvation cut outs for him.
That morning we also felt a prompting to share this thought: "We are preparing you to live with God again- it's not if, it's when [you will be prepared]." It hit us powerfully as we roleplayed and we were prompted to share it with him. In District Meeting on Friday, we talked about acting on promptings, so we are doing our best to act on every one. =)
We whipped out our plan of salvation cut outs when he began on "we all started out in heaven..." We laid them all out on his floor and he was amazed at the time we had spent and effort putting them all together for him. We even put little scripture references on the bottom. Bible AND Book of Mormon. =) Then he started quizzing us on Bible scriptures, he read us a bunch, and we talked about each one. "You believe that?" "Uh huh!" =) He was kind of worried and contentious at first, but then his countenance lightened as he learned what we believe and we had an enjoyable discussion. =) He even taught me something about the millennium and the Celestial kingdom I had never thought about before!
Toward the end, we shared with him our inspired prompting. That he has the opportunity to live with God after this life. That we're here to help him. Sister Nielsen introduced it, and was like "ask him to be baptized!" So I did. "Brother Sutton, we know you can do it. We have prayed and prayed. And we feel that you CAN be READY by January 10th."
He was not willing to say "I will." But we asked and asked to make sure he was really committing. "You've put it in my mind now. I can see it in letters a mile high." So we are SO EXCITED. When we reported to the elders later, they rejoiced with us! =D

So that is the bestest news of all time! I love you all!
Tty next week! =)

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