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December 1, 2014- He Is the Gift!

Hi everyone!!! Well this week has been crazy. It feels like it has been a whole transfer in just a week.

On Monday, we barely had enough time to email and pick up some pumpkin pie ice cream before it was an hour until the trunkeepocolips and we still had to pack some more! So I hurried and rushed and helped Sister Nielsen weigh her bags and then packed a bag for me and then we had a bowl of ice cream and then we were out the door and on the highway headed to Portsmouth.

We went to the mission home, a huge house in a beautiful area of Portsmouth. Sister Boatright came, and I got to bid final farewells to Sister Anderson and Sister Nielsen. I gave them big hugs and said last glimpse of Sister Nielsen was her happily going to find a seat next to a friend. Sister Boatright and I hopped into the car and I was in shock. Suddenly we were in Norfolk and I was simply on a long exchange! (right?)

We had a lot of fun in Norfolk for twoish days, visiting people and singing and talking about our favorite books. But we also did a lot of work, and it was fun. I don't think I've ever actually had authentic Mexican food. A member took us out to eat, and I had some yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmy carne asada. Love it!

Then Wednesday dawned. We did a lot of finagaling to get everybody rides and temporary companions. It was stressful, to say the least. We went to transfer meeting, which is "kind of like a stake conference centered on missionary work". the trainees got their new companions, and Sister Boatright got her new companion. So I was sent back to Kempsville with two temporary companions, Sister Taylor and Sister Newbold, who were also waiting for the van to bring their new companions from North Carolina. Though the meeting ended at noonish, the van wouldn't be in until 7PM.

It was rainy and gross and AWFUL all day Wednesday and I was SOOOOOOOO grateful that members were driving. There was one point where water splashed up on the window and we couldn't see for a nanosecond and it was TERRIFYING. But we were fine and I'm sure that is totally due in part to a multitude of prayers we were offering in our hearts.

And I got to DRIVE IN THE RAIN IN VIRGINIA BEACH ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I drove the three of us to Pep Boys to get our oil changed, because it was like really low. I was gripping the steering wheel like no tomorrow let me tell you!

But we got there safely and while we waited it stopped raining, so is that miraculous or what?

Then we waited around for a while, since I hadn't planned anything to do, and they didn't want to tract because it was cold and WET outside and we had already gotten drenched in the freezing rain that morning moving luggage from one car to another at transfer meeting. (yuck!!)

I made them all some hot chocolate like a good host and then we made phone calls and such. It was weird being entirely in charge of Kempsville alone.

THEN we got a ride up to Portsmouth to go pick up our companions. It was still cold and wet and awful, and the van was two hours late. So the poor person who drove us waited and waited around with us.

Then I met Sister Petrie!

Sister Petrie is the bomb. We already feel like we've been companions forever. She is SO funny and so full of energy. She reminds me a lot of a lot of people I've known over the years. I am excited for this transfer! A lot of miracles are going to happen!

Friday morning, we were at district meeting with a whole bunch of new people! Everyone got a new companion. this district is already so close - and our new district leader is so kind! We got to watch the new He Is the Gift video and boy is it AWESOME!

Watch it now. Right now!

What did you think? What is your favorite part? I really really really love the end because the Spirit so strongly testifies to me, every time I watch it, that Jesus is the Christ, that this season is about Him, and that He truly lives and died for our sins. I am so grateful for that knowledge that I have! I want to share this video with everyone everywhere! It will be the main ad on Youtube on December 7th, and they estimate that millions of people will see it. I am SO EXCITED. It is such a powerful video. I want everyone to see it. So please share it with all your friends! =D

And that's basically what we've been doing since Friday. Visiting people and sharing this video. We got to meet with Barbara this week. She's really eating up the Book of Mormon. She's got a really great talent of applying it to herself. She has lots of good questions too. Poor Gayle is sick, so some prayers for him, if you would. :)

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Please let me know what you think about the video and maybe we can talk about some ways/people to share it with! =D

I love you all so much, and I hope you have a wonderful dayyyyyyy - o.

=D love, Sister Moore

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