Friday, August 7, 2015

March 9, 2015- "I Already Bouth Girl Scout Cookies."

This week has been so fun!

On Monday we took a day to completely relax. We opened all the windows and let in light and fresh air and it was wonderful! We had dinner at Brother and Sister B's house and read 1 Nephi 1 with them. They are the sweetest people who are less active because of their health. I really loved being with them and hearing their testimonies of the Book of Mormon. It can really change lives.

Tuesday it rained all day. We had a packed day, too. We finished deep cleaning a lot sooner than we thought and were left with an empty afternoon of grey, cold, rain. Both of us felt strongly that we needed to go to Seven Springs (a city in our area). We drove out there with our windshield wipers going and looking for people to teach. We met a single older man and made a return appointment. Then we headed out of Seven Springs again. I really wanted to go back, and the next name on our list took us back into town.

We stopped at a house, prayed, and went up to the door. She let us in because it was cold out. Her name is Jamie! Her husband is in the military and she's concerned about the world. She has 3 cute kids and is very intelligent. We told her that the message we had to share with her would bring her peace. She asked if we were selling anything. XD That's a first for me! She had lots of questions and comments. It was her birthday, and she felt that God sent us to her on her birthday for a reason. How sweet is that? She recognized us as His servants.

Wednesday was hot! It sure brought a lot of people out. We didn't think that many people lived here! People here don't like the cold!

Then, while we were home for dinner, our neighbor Sister T (who has Alzheimers) came to our door and knocked angrily. We snuck out the back and went around to greet her. "Hi Sister Turner," I said.
"I guess they're not here," she said, turning from the door. As we helped her down the steps, she asked, "Their car is here, they're just not answering. Is that your car?" "Yes," I said. "Oh, okay. Well, let's go back to my house and chat." So we helped her back and she had us come and sit down so we shared a message with her. She is so funny!

Kristen called on Thursday and told us that she and her son had come down with the flu on Sunday, and that's why they were not at church! So we set up an appointment to bring them some gatorade on Friday!

Friday was a crazy day! We had zone meeting, and then a meeting with an investigator family an hour away right afterward! So we brought our lunch with us! Zone meeting was great, but we ran out right afterward to eat, and then jump in the car. We had negative two minutes to eat! Haha! =)

We went down to the bottom of our area to see Jonathan and Amy. They are great! They hadn't read, so we read the Book of Mormon with them. We are so happy that they are changing their lives and we are so happy to bring them the gospel!

We went to a members house (after Jamie cancelled =( ). There was lots of negative comments being made, so I whipped out the Book of Mormon and we read with them too. Immediately, the tension lessened, and everyone was nicer to each other. There is real power in the scriptures and in reading them together as a family.

Saturday we went tracting in Faison, and then after that we went to Kristen's and helped her Lysol her house to kill all the flu germies! We listened to a Hillary Weeks CD as we cleaned and the spirit just filled her home. Her boyfriend Mi-Ken came in while we were cleaning and thanked us for helping out. As we left, later, we talked to him outside. He is so great! He's very intelligent and loves to learn. He asked us some questions about our beliefs. We know that he will also listen and learn and come into the gospel. We're excited!!!! He's a really great person!

While we were tracting that day, we went to a lady's house and she said "I already bought girl scout cookies". She couldn't hear to well, and eventually just closed the door on us. We laughed. "I love being a missionary," Sister Kunzler said.

We also saw a little Spanish family walking across the street, so we went up to them and simply gave them a Restoration DVD. The little girl translated for us. It was really fun. I love being a missionary too!

On Sunday, we also had a chance to go tracting! It was a beautiful day to do so! We realized yesterday just how much the adversary tries to keep us from proselyting on Sundays! We made an especial effort to get out as early as possible to go and invite others! In the beautiful sunshine and warm day we were able to meet so many different people! And so many of them are prepared! We're going back on Wednesday to talk with a woman who is expecting a child, and also possibly help her to paint her trailer. Yay!

People are prepared!

I love you all! Pray hard, study the scriptures!

Sister Moore

8 Months!

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