Friday, August 7, 2015

January 12, 2015- Ola Everybody!

I'm in Mount Olive, the pickle capital of the United States!! It sure is different from Virginia Beach! Let's just say that Mount Olive is smaller than Madera, California. Whoa!

Wednesday was CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I drove Sister Petrie and I on up to Portsmouth, and I was a little bit stressed. Okay, so a lot stressed. ;) But I actually got us up there safely and we enjoyed a really wonderful transfer meeting. There are lots of new missionaries - we have so many new Hermanas (Spanish Sisters) that there aren't enough Sisters to train them all! So some English Sisters are training the Hermanas! Whoa!

I said goodbye to all of my Virginia buddies.... =( It was pretty sad. It was also really hard leaving my first area. But I know that Mount Olive is where the Lord wants me to be, so I will go and do!

We had a long car ride down to Greenville, and then another long trip to Smithfield and then finally to Mount Olive. We had just enough time to toss my bags in the front door before we had to run to ward council meeting.

At Greenville, I met my new companion, Sister Kunzler! She is SO awesome. She is so excited for us to get to work in Mount Olive - so how could I not be excited about my new area? =D Yay!

The first night here was pretty hard. I felt like I was leaving home all over again. Sister Kunzler gave me a big hug, so that helped. Everything looked a lot better in the morning, though, as it always does!

We did some weekly planning and then went out to teach! We went to see a potential named Nancy at her work. We drove up on the dirt (which people do here) in front of a really square, really small building. "There isn't anyone in there," I thought. "It's a storage space!" But we knocked anyway. There turned out to be 4 kids and Nancy in there! We talked to her and got to know her, and were going to just set up a return appointment when the Spirit said "Why don't you just teach her now?"
So we did, we shared something simple with her that we had talked about the morning. She told us her concerns, and what she's going through, and we were able to answer her questions. I am so glad we followed Heavenly Father's will and taught her "now". She told us she feels peace and calm after missionaries teach her and when she goes to church. "There's your answer," we said.

On Friday, we had district meeting. It was really fun. We drove about...I don't know, 10 miles away? to Albertson (said All-burr-son). There are two sets of Spanish elders in our district and then us. We are also a really young district. They are exploding with work with the Spanish-speaking population. We don't have any investigators.
We have lots of potentials,though! Lots to do! Work to accomplish here! Yay!
It takes a lot of driving to get anywhere here - we cover towns that are 20 miles away. Whoa!

Saturday was crazy! We went out to a town called Seven Springs that's a little ways away. We drove on dirt roads and knocked on a few trailer doors. We braved a few dogs and threw cheeze-it's out of the window to get them away from the car so we could drive away. We also left hearts of the Relief Society President and Bishop's doors. =)

We tried to find this lady's house on Saturday and it was crazy fun. We knocked on our first guess' door and she was like "yeah my name is Miguel," but spoke very little English. She wasn't our Miguel, though. So we went to the next trailer, one she had pointed out. There were two dogs outside and they looked a little intimidating. We waited for them to leave, but they didn't. "This is ridiculous," Sister Kunzler said. "The longer we wait, the more interested they will get." So she jumps out. I was like "please don't let us get mauled, Heavenly Father!" and before I could let myself think I hopped out too. The dogs were actually super nice. We left a note at the person's door.
We tried one more place before we left. There we met Noelli (sp?). She was like "yeah, come back and talk to me about the gospel". Yay!!!

Sunday was pretty good too. I got to meet a lot of the people in the ward, spontaneously was assigned to teach Gospel Principles, met the ward mission leader, Brother Paez (who only speaks Spanish), and in general had a crazy day.

Today it is POURING, so I'm praying a little of that rain will come over ya'll's way.
I love you all!

Sister Moore

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