Friday, August 7, 2015

July 27, 2015- Turtle Wranglers!

So this week has been great!

On Wednesday morning we were heading out to pick up Shea so we could go out and see people - we were a little late so we were driving quickly down our street when Sister Allred shouted and pulled over.
"What is it?" I asked. She hopped out of the car, grabbed her camera, and booked it 100 feet back down the street. I jumped out too and ran after her. Sister Allred saw a turtle!
"We have to catch it!" Sister Allred insisted.
We rifled through our trunk, dumping out supplies so that we could use two plastic drawers to catch him in. I caught him and he peed, he was so scared! So we put him in another box, a small cardboard one, put a plastic drawer under it, and one on top. And a pillowcase on my lap so I wouldnt get any nastiness on me!
Then we hustled to the church to get Shea. Funnily enough, she wasnt too surprised by our antics. =P After showing him off, we were informed that Michelangelo was a snapping turtle, and he could take our fingers off. Thank goodness for the plastic! We dropped him off with the elders and let him lose in their yard.
With that start to our day we went to see a potential investigator named Nicole. When we knocked, she didnt answer and we were sad. But we heard kids playing and laughing out back so we worked up the courage to go around and see if anyone was back there. I am so glad we did!
Nicole was hanging out wash, and we asked if we could help. She said yes, and all three of us and her two cute kids helped her put it up in no time. Then we asked if we could share a message with her! She said yes and we went inside. =)
All four of her amazingly cute kids came to join us. We shared the Restoration, and they loved it! They invited us to come back the next day. We also invited Zambria, the oldest, to activity days that night. She said yes!
The activity days leader was not planning on doing activity days so after the lesson we ran over there and threw a fun activity together! =D we invited all the girls and it was on!

She came! Sister S went and picked her up and she had a blast! =D YES! I love the members here!
We went and taught them the Book of Mormon the next day and commited them to baptism on August 29th! I AM SO EXCITED! Miracles abound!
I love yall!
Sister Moore

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