Friday, August 7, 2015

January 20, 2015- Mount Olive Miracles!

This week has been crazy! Wow.

Sister Kunzler and I have been working, praying, tracting, laughing, and crying this week. It's been intense! We found two new investigators and have taught a ton of lessons. I've met a lot of people and have started to get to know the ward, and Mount Olive, a little better.

There was a lot of rain and it was really warm this week. Sometimes the roads freeze over when it's just cold enough so we were careful.

On Wednesday we went to Nancy's work and got to know her a little better. We had a lesson and talked about her concerns and desires. It was totally not what we planned, but we felt like it was what the Spirit wanted us to say. She wants to learn more, and we set up an appointment, so she's a new investigator! We also went and saw her and her husband Sunday night. We got to get to know him and where he's coming from. He said that he really wants to find a church, but doesn't know which one to go to. Nancy asked us, partway through, if we'd eaten yet. We hadn't, so she and her father in law made a full-on meal for us! Whoa!

Wednesday was also interviews in Goldsboro. I love interviews! It was great getting to see President and Sister Baker. I love them. We jumped in the car with the Elders to go home, and their car wouldn't start! So we waited while they found some jumper cables and jumped the car. That was funny.

Thursday was really good - we had this cat run up to us and we wanted to find his home. So we tracted around our neighborhood, but no one knew who he belonged to (or wanted to hear the gospel). We eventually just dropped him off somewhere nearby and hoped he'd find his way back to his house. He's just a tiny orange kitten! The other day he was near our house again and came to say hi. Sister Kunzler was calling to him to get him to come over. "Fluffy!" no response. "Tiger!" no response. "George!" It turns around and comes to us. "George!" she says, laughing incredulously.

So now we have a cat named George that lives in our neighborhood who we get to pet sometimes and is really cute and purrs when you pick him up. Yeah.

Friday we went out to a teeny tiny town twenty miles away from Mount Olive. A member, thankfully, gave us a ride. No one was around, but we did get to drive on muddy dirt roads in a car, and through a pig farm!

So then, one day we were tracting and we ran into this guy named Aaron. He was like "Do you know Sister Heath?" and we're like, "yeah." And he said that she'd just barely been talking to him about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. We were like, "uh, we're going out with her tonight - could we stop by?" What a miracle! At the time we set up the exchange with Sister Heath, we had no one to see. We came up with a few people, but didn't have an appointment. Then we ran into Aaron that day! The lesson went all right. There was a lot going on that was really distracting, but we got to answer more of his questions and invite him and his roommate to church. =)

We ran into a lot of amazing people while tracting - four people said we could come back. One lady was like "I'm sick, and don't want to get you sick. Could you come back in a few days?" Um, yeah we can! She has five kids. I am so excited to teach them!! =) Pray that we can!

We went over to a less-active's house on Saturday, and while we were walking up to her apartment, we saw this old man downstairs smoking. We went and talked to him. He was a little scary-looking. He had lots of rings, piercings, and Batman PJ bottoms. We talked for a little while. Turns out, he's a Vietnam vet and has overcome a lot of addictions in his life. He's currently in school right now to be able to help his fellow veterans with the same problems. He's read 10 different Bibles and really loves to read. So obviously we gave him a Book of Mormon! He was really well-spoken.
It was so cool that he was literally put in our path! At first, he l0oked scary, but as we talked to him, he didn't anymore. I'm glad we chose to talk with him!

On Sunday we had ward conference. It was really good. Because it's the South and it was Ward Conference, we had a big lunch after church. It was SO fun. I ate so much. Heehee. I love butterbeans! Yum!

Well - it's been a week full of miracles! Too many to even count! Yesterday, we ran into this super-prepared woman outside of Walmart. I can't wait to start teaching her, too! =D I love you all so much, and I want to thank you for all your prayers. I sure need 'em and I 'preciate them! I love you!

I know that this church is true and that this is Jesus Christ's kingdom here on earth. I know that the Book of Mormon is a book of scripture that can bring all of us closer to Christ. I encourage you to read it! =)

I love you!
- Sister Moore

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