Friday, August 7, 2015

June 29, 2015

So this week has been crazy, in a good way!

On Monday we played board games with a member family, the Baysdens. They are ALL about board games! One of them had a game-themed reception, which apparently was really neat. We all played Ticket to Ride (I lost miserably, which I blame on the board being upside down) and Uno. The Baysdens are so cute - I love them! It was fun getting to spend some time with them.

Tuesday was GREAT. Our Tuesdays are always packed and hectic (don't ask me why) and this Tuesday was no exception! We had dinner with our ward mission leader's wife, Sister Anderson. She is so great. We told her that we were going out tracting that afternoon in the heat and humidity (it's been in the 100's) and she immediately offered her cooler, ice, and water, and even made us some fruit salad to cool us off after tracting!


She is so great!

I love the members here!

So then we did this crazy thing! We picked up Raven and Shea, two 16-year-olds from the Kinston 2nd ward, and went on splits!!! We've found this apartment complex that is perfect for tracting, so we paired off and two went to that building and two went to the other! I went with Shea, our recent convert of about a month, and we started knocking doors. Raven and Shea are both so in tune with spiritual promptings, and have no hestiancy in acting on them! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! They rock!

Shea and I talked to a couple of people and even made return appointments. We knocked on a door, and then heard someone coming up the stairs. I had this inkling that the person coming up lived in the apartment we had just knocked at. So we went around the corner and introduced ourselves. She was carrying a big purse, a baby in one arm, and a little 3-yr-old running around her legs. She looked busy.

We're missionaries! No one is ever too busy for the gospel!

We started talking to her. Her name is Tisha, and her two kids are Aria and Amir. THEY ARE ADORABLE. We mentioned our 14-minute message, and she let us in! So Shea and I taught her the Restoration, and it was AMAZING. Shea jumped right in and answered her questions, testified, and right before we said the closing prayer, Shea said. "I have something I would like to add. I am a recent convert. I know that this has blessed my life."

She has no fear! SHEA ROCKS! I love missionary work!

We left Tisha's with huge smiles on our faces. We walked down the stairs to meet up with Raven and Sister Allred, and discovered that they too had been let in and taught someone the Restoration! HOW AMAZING IS THAT???!!! Heavenly Father truly works miracles every day!

On Thursday we had another great day! Sister Baysden came out with us, and we were able to visit and contact a bunch of people. We had a wonderful lesson with Sister Harrison and her and they were able to get to know one another. Whoo hoo! I love it when people I love like each other!

We also had this amazing miracle happen Thursday. All this crazy schedule conflict happened for exactly 7pm on Thursday. We had NO IDEA how it all was going to work. We told a member about it, and she immediately volunteered to help and helped solve our problem!

Our investigator Ernestine is really busy. She has a huge yard and so the hour each week she has free she uses to mow. But we want to teach her!!! So Sister Spence volunteered her family to mow while we taught! And it worked out perfectly!!!! We taught Ernestine about the Book of Mormon and it went really well. She was so surprised that we were all there to help her out. She really enjoyed learning too, and is going to keep reading the Book of Mormon! We're so excited for her!!! She had questions about what it was about, so the lesson was perfect for her needs. She's going to listen to it on her way to work.


Friday we were tracting in the HUMID HUMID afternoon, and we felt prompted to go across the way and knock at another apartment. As we were doing so, someone came out of an apartment upstairs and started coming down stairs. We ran up to her and started talking to her. Her name is Alma (great, huh?!) and she was there visiting a friend. We made a return appointment at her house for the next day.

So Saturday we go to see her, we're a half-hour late and we drive into a less-than-nice but not awful part of town. We don't even know if this is her house and her phone number she gave us didn't work. But I felt this peaceful feeling, like everything was going to work out.

We knocked at this dirty-ish trailer, and after a beat, Alma opens the door. She lets us into a normal, clean, house, and we teach her the Restoration. "Where can I get a Book of Mormon? I want to read it!"

Alma is so special! She really is prepared. We are SO excited to continue to teach her. She says she wants us to come back!

Saturday night we went to see Sister Griffeth, one of our favorite people. We had a wonderful lesson with her. When we left her house, it was POURING.
We drove only a few miles to get home, but man am I so glad Heavenly Father protects His missionaries!

Sunday was super crazy, we had an 8-year-old baptism in the ward that we set up for, and so that took some time. Then we had dinner with the Howell's, who are amazing. =) I love Kinston so much! I love all of you!

I know that this work is real and that Heavenly Father loves all of you individually! Pray to Him each day! He wants to hear from you. Seek His blessings each day!

Sister Moore

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