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December 22, 2014- Once Upon a Time...I Got the Flu

Hi everybody! I hope you are staying warm and are full of the Christmas spirit! Oh how I love you all and I wish you a merry merry Christmas! Yay!!!

This week has been...crazy.

Monday was hectic - we did like 7,000 things. Which is crazy. We had this really fun Sister's Pday and also went shopping, helped the Salem sisters, wrote letters, and emailed. Crazy! It was a blessing we got everything done.

Tuesday was a packed day, too! It was so fun. We ran from appointment to appointment, seeing people and teaching and having fun. Barbara is having a rough time with her health right now and doesn't feel very Christmasy. We're hoping to go help her sometime this week and help her get into the Christmas Spirit! =)

Wednesday was also a long, tiring day. We were out all day trying to share the Christmas message with less-active members. Then we tried to see a referral from the Bayside sisters, and that was interesting!
So we had to do a U-turn in this neighborhood, and drove past this sweet little old lady we waved to. She was out walking her dog. So we stop in front of the house we were going to, and there are two dogs on leads in the front yard, just watching us. They kind of looked a bit intimidating. So we waited, trying to decide what to do, and the little old lady walked up with her dog and walked inside the house! So we got out and walked up, but didn't want to get in the dog's space, so we stayed on the street and waved. We were told to come back later, because Vanessa was in the shower. So we do, and when we come back later, we walk up to the same spot, and the big dog jumps on me! Guess we weren't as safe as we thought standing there! =D

We had a miracle that day too. We dropped by to see our investigator Danuta. She was actually home, and normally wouldn't have. She had just gotten back from work and was planning on going out later. Miracles! I am so grateful for inspiration!
We taught the Restoration. Wow! Miracles do happen!

Friday was not awesome. I woke up at 5:30AM feeling sick, the day of the mission Christmas conference (for the part of the mission that's closest to Virginia Beach, there was another conference down in North Carolina).
We went to the Christmas conference, and I got sicker and sicker until I threw up. I was in tears because Sister Petrie had a part in the program. It was really bad. =(

So we spent the rest of the weekend recovering. I didn't eat anything on Friday, and barely anything on Saturday. I was praying and really missing homemade wheat bread, and then on Sunday night, Sister Udy brought by HOMEMADE WHEAT BREAD.
Miracles! It's like that conference talk!

I am so grateful for Heavenly Father who loves us all so much! And I am so grateful for His son, whose birth we celebrate on Christmas day! Yay!!! =D

I am feeling much better now, by the way. =)

I love you all!~ Have a merry merry Christmas and tell me all about it!!!!!!!! Did you get a white Christmas? Any caroling? Ugly sweater pictures? Love you!!!! 

- Sister Moore

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