Friday, August 7, 2015

December 29, 2014- Ola Everybody!

I know that my accent was probably awful, huh Teddy? =D

Well, Christmas was AWESOME! Was that barely this last week? (whoa!) My loving family and ward family sent me care packages. Thank you!!!!

On Tuesday, we saw Gayle, FINALLY! It's been forever and a day! We went over with Sister Mogk and ended up talking about bodies and spirits. Sister Mogk gave Gayle a pound of Dum-Dums, since he loves them so much. =) He was having a really rough day, so I'm glad we got to come and cheer him up! Sister Mogk is so sweet. She said, "I have a Christmas present for Gayle! When are you going next?"

Then we went to see Dana, a potential investigator. She was there and she let us in. We were like, "Can we share a Christmas message with you?" and we gave her a He is the Gift pass along card and she was like "Well we can watch it right now." So we did. Her twins, Spencer and Madison, read all the words for us. They even knew the scripture by heart! Whoa! Dana was really touched by the video and said, "It just really puts it into perspective." We made a return appointment!!!

We came back on Saturday, when her husband would be home too. Sister Rock was able to come with us, and brought her adorable baby Eli. =D Dana's husband is named Randall, and he's actually met with Elders before! He's not really interested, but Dana IS! She sincerely wants to be closer to her Savior. I am so excited for her! We left a Book of Mormon with her and invited her to read in Alma 32 about faith. Wow! I am so excited! Unfortunately we can't see her again until February because she is so busy. =( But that just gives her more time to read! I pray for her.

We also got to help Barbara address Christmas cards, so that was really fun. =D

Christmas Eve was SOOOOOOOOOOOO rainy. We tried to go see a less-active family but when we turned onto the street (Great Lakes, btw) it was FLOODED. All we could see was their car sitting on the water. We tried to pick our way on dry land to their trailer but we got to a point where we could go no further, because the water would go up to our knees if we tried to wade through. flats are ruined. XD We called the family and waved to them across the water.

Then Christmas day was sooooo fun! We went over to Sister S's and we Skyped (YYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!) and ate breakfast and talked with her nonmember friend and it was so fun! The rest of the week was really fun too. We've got lots of work to do and lots of people to see. I'm excited to get it done! =D

I love you all!

The lake! We made it this far down the flooded road, but could go no further!

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