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September 29, 2014- Super Spy, Golden I(nvestigator)!

Hi everybody! I got a request this past week for some fun random stories, so I've been collecting them. =)

Last Monday, we were getting in the car to go somewhere, and this lady's dog jumps into our car, runs through, and out the other side. Sister Dodds and I just looked at each other, like "did that just happen?" We were putting some things in the back later, and we found one, perfect, dusty pawprint. It really did happen!

A member this week was telling us about this man her family met a few years ago. Here is the awesome story! She was at the church building one night, when a man came up to her and asked about the church. He said "I was sitting next to a man on a plane trip who was a member of your church. Do you know a Dallin Oaks?"
"Yes!" she said. They talked for 45 minutes before Sister B was like "I need some missionaries!" The man had read the whole Book of Mormon and had lots of questions. She prayed in her heart, and suddenly the elders biked up outside!
This man is always traveling and never in one place for very long - their family is convinced he's a super spy or something. So when the elders finished teaching him the first lesson, he was like, "well, go on!" They taught him for three hours and taught him all the lessons. They gave him a triple combination and a bunch of pamphlets. He read all of that so fast. He was baptized soon after. =)
How cool is that???

So this week was super good and sort of not, too. I got bronchitis from my cold (DONT WORRY I'M FINE =D ) and was laid up for a good long while. But even though I was down and out, we STILL saw miracles and got a lot of good work done!!! The Lord truly blesses those who wish to serve Him wholeheartedly!!

On Monday we got to meet a less-active member who is SO busy and is LITERALLY never home. We actually had a lesson with her and got to know her. It was GREAT! She is so funny. Her name is Wanda and she works at a Clinique store, which apparently is crazy because they have so many customers. She has two little doggies who she just loves so dearly. they were running and skittering around like crazy while we were there. One is the size of a handbag and just perched on top of the couch like he was the king of the world (in between running around like crazy, that is!).

We got to see Gayle on Tuesday AND Friday, blessedly! I was feeling up to it (and dosed up so I was not contagious), and we got to go!! We got to talk to him about the Spirit world and the grace and mercy of God and His plan for us. Sister Dodds explained a concept for the seventh time, and he was like "say that again! it's like you put a spotlight in a dark room!"
(YAYYYYYYY!!!! It's so awesome to see the Spirit and inspiration speaking to Gayle even while we are there!!! I love it so much, that I get to be there in his journey!)

Also on Tuesday, we had dinner at the Brimhalls, and Sister Brimhall is super awesome. (like SUPER AWESOME!) She teaches the missionaries who come over how to cook. =D We made fancy tasty french dip sandwiches (w/ au jus!) which were actually really easy to make and tasted so good. I love the Brimhalls! They are amazing missionaries and have such great faith. the trials that they told us about I can't even imagine undergoing - and they are just so firm and steadfast in their hope and joy in the gospel. I love them and their examples to me!!

On Friday all the missionaries in our zone got to preview Meet the Mormons! It's a super fun little documentary about six Mormon families. Wowza! It is so informative and does so well in it's purpose of showing every-day life. If you request it in your area, you can take your friends to go see it in theaters! All the proceeds go to charity, and it's an awesome movie! These families are such awesome people! The last story totally made me cry. =) It's 1:30 and totally worth the watch!!

On Friday we got to see Gayle, and the lesson started off really weird. Gayle asked a question and things spun from there. I knew it was because we hadn't had a prayer that things seemed so off. Sister Dodds just stopped and said, "I realize we haven't had a prayer yet." So we did and everything immediantly changed. Gayle's understanding cleared and we began to be able to communicate. The spirit was there. Wow! Miraculousness!!!
On Fridays, Shirley spends a few hours with her daughter, Karen. Karen came by to bring Shirley home and we got to meet her, briefly. She's an amazing artist - she paints for a living. Some of the paintings at Gayle's house were painted by Shirley. WOW! She's so good!!! We were all awestruck.
As Karen left, she was like, "Oh, by the way, you're never going to get this one down [Gayle]. He really knows his Bible. So good luck, but, haha..." and she walks out.
I was just kind of dumbfounded. "But...that's not...that's not what we're doing..." I was thinking to myself. Sister Mogk was like "It's good he knows his Bible!" kind of quietly and Gayle was like (loudly) "They're not bringing me down! They're bringing me up to heights I've never before known!"

The Relief Society broadcast was AWESOME. If you haven't seen it yet, I'd encourage you to watch it!

On Sunday, we stopped by to see Danuta. She is married to a less-active member who we've been trying to visit. She invited us to come back this weekend, so we did! She invited us in to chat. At first it was a little awkward, but we asked about her and slowly (so slowly) the gospel and religion came about. She told us about her faith and where she's from and about her family. She's from Poland and was raised Catholic, but never really liked it. When she moved here 30 years ago, she tried the Lutheran church and likes that. She's talked to missionaries before and has a Book of Mormon in English and Polish. She knows a lot, and she asked us some questions! =D We're excited to go back and talk to her more!!!!

I love you all so much!! Are you as excited for General Conference as I am???!?!?! I love you!!!
- Sister Moore

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