Friday, August 7, 2015

March 2, 2015- Hello Everybody!

This week we've seen a lot of miracles with our investigators. Nancy, who we've been working with since last transfer, started reading the Book of Mormon! We're now meeting with her weekly to help her increase her testimony that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the church that Christ established while He was on the earth. I know that that is true. I am so excited to help her find strength and joy from living the gospel!

We also helped a less-active sister begin reading the Book of Mormon. We go over and read with her. We began in 1 Nephi 1, and she said, "let's keep reading!" So we read four chapters in one lesson! It was great! She loves the scriptures. And I love her! The Book of Mormon changes lives and changes people! "A study of the Book of Mormon changes behavior more than a study of behavior will change behavior." - President Packer It is TRUE. 1 Nephi 1 applies to anyone and everyone ever!

On Tuesday, it snowed!!! WHAT? I opened the window during personal study and there were flurries. Like, real snow. Not sleet or rain that froze. SNOW!

On Thursday we had a sweet experience with two less-active sisters we teach. It was one of their's birthday Thursday. She was at soccer practice when we came for our lesson. So instead of teaching, we took the time to cut out hearts with her little sisters to surprise her for her birthday. Their mother, who usually doesn't say much to us, seemed to soften because we did that, and even gave us a hug! Wow! The power of taking the time to do something for someone else is immense!

Then we visited Sister G and helped her wrangle a chicken back into the pen. It had escaped earlier, so to help her out we chased it down and back in. That was really fun. It was like playing a game! I love these experiences I'm having on my mission! =)

Friday we had a great district meeting and then drove 30 minutes down to the very bottom of our area. We taught two potentials with lots and lots of questions. Wow! She is really prepared, but her husband is working on it. =D Wow! It was a great lesson and they want us to come back. We're excited! They totally stood us up for a church tour, but they weren't too solid on coming anyway. Poor Brother H and Sister H came to help us with the tour, but no one showed. That was really disappointing. =(

We also went to see a less-active family that same day who live REALLY far away in the other direction. But we felt so strongly that's where we needed to be. There were some chickens hanging around as we walked up to the front door. When we went inside we felt like that was exactly where we needed to be. She was so happy to see us and related her happy experiences with previous missionaries a long time ago. I don't think too many people go visit her because she lives so far away. =( We shared a lesson with her. THEN, they came to CHURCH Sunday!!!!!!!!! What??!?! The whole family! It was so powerful and happy to me that revelation is REAL! We went and hugged them and shook their hands and welcomed them all. We were so happy to see them!!!! (AND we have dinner with them tonight!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!)

We had another lesson with Kristen on Saturday, and taught her the Plan of Salvation. Sister Kunzler said "she's on the top of the golden (investigators) pile". She taught us about some of the commandments. She reads and understands the Book of Mormon. Sometimes I think, "Okay, when am I going to wake up? Is this real?" Please continue to pray for her, everybody. She needs encouragement to get to church and work through some things. She was commited to come yesterday, but didn't show for the tour at 8 or church. She really needs to come and feel the Spirit there. Thank you for the prayers!!!

I also felt kind of weird this weekend, in a drained, unfocused, headachey way. I hope I'm not getting sick! We don't have time for that.

I love you all! Have an amazing week! Keep praying, keep reading, because something you read will apply directly to you and give you the guidance you have been seeking.

Much love,
Sister M Moore


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