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February 16, 2015- I Feel LIke Ammon

A Mission-Wide Sisters Conference

On Monday we traveled up to Virginia with a bunch of other North Carolina sisters. We rode in the transfer van! It was a long trip. It was so weird to be returning to my first area so soon after leaving! We even met at the chapel where I spent a lot of time for the past 6 months. I got to show Sister Kunzler a lot of things that I tell her about all the time in Virginia Beach. =)

Tuesday was SO - o - o fun. We drove to Portsmouth in the rain to have a conference with all the sisters in the mission! I got to see a lot of sisters I know and love so much! =D We had a clothing exchange - everyone brought what they didn't need and we chose what we wanted! At the end we had 8 bags of clothes to donate!!!

The conference was wonderous! I received a lot of revelation, and got to ponder various things as I was taught by the Spirit. We had amazing trainings given by Sister Training Leaders throughout the mission. We had a wonderful one on joy and sorrow. When we try to love as the Saviour does, we will feel sadness for others! And that's okay!!! It's okay to feel sad! The Atonement provides strengthening power to overcome it.
We had a testimony meeting at the very end, and I got to bear my testimony on how I know that we are the Lord's servants, and we are instruments in His hands. What we do every day is Him reaching out to individuals, His children, in ways we don't comprehend fully now. I love this work. I love my Savior!

We then said goodbye to everyone and loaded up our stuff in the transfer van once more. We had an adventure on the way back - one of the trailer's tires blew out and no one believed me that a thud thud noise had began a few miles back... I was right. >.< =P But we made it back okay!

Thursday was a powerful, wonderful day. We did weekly planning. It took a lot of work and effort, but I know it will help the work so much!

Then we went to our appointment in Warsaw with some recent converts. They are active members, but still seem confused about some of the doctrine. Early on in the lesson, one of the sisters brought up something that keeps her from feeling peace. She was so distraught. She brought up the disquiet her Spirit is feeling and we were so terrified of saying the wrong thing. The Holy Ghost really took over for us. We boldly and lovingly extended promises, taught doctrine, about God's Plan, and His timing. We were able to teach a doctrine that she had never heard of before, in a way that can help her find peace. The lesson was so intense. We all teared up. We left that lesson so grateful that the Lord gives us the words to say when we open our mouths.

We left just in time to get to our next appointment, a potential. We waited outside her house because we thought the appointment was at 5 (it was at 5:30). While we waited, one of her neighbors came outside. We decided to go talk to her. We asked her if she'd ever heard of our church before. She had a lot of erroneous beliefs about our faith, which we tried to dispel as kindly as possible. We invited her to come join the lesson with our potential. It ended up turning out that our potential had the flu. =( We'll catch her next time!

On Friday, we had an amazing district meeting. We learned and practiced lots of good things, including introducing the Book of Mormon using the pictures.

We went out to our appointment with another potential, unsure of if she was going to be home. While we were parked, we heard someone shouting at us(?) from one of the houses. We decided to go over and talk to them, since our potential's car wasn't there. We knocked, and talked on the doorstep, then all of the sudden she was inviting us in! Her name is Kristen, and recently she's been trying to change her life and come to God. She's reading the Bible from cover to cover, like me! She's trying to find her "path" after a difficult life. We taught her the Restoration! We invited her to be baptized and she said YES.

 We are SO EXCITED. Everything we did at District Meeting prepared us for our lesson! She said "I want to come to your church," after we shared the First Vision. All she could say was "Wow!" We asked her what she was feeling, if she felt it could be true, and she said "Good. I've never felt like this before. Yes!" We pointed out that she was feeling the Holy Ghost!

After we left that lesson, we cried tears of joy. We pulled over to pray and thank Heavenly Father that we were able to be there!

On Saturday, we had a busy morning. We then went out to see potentials. As we drove away from a less-active appointment that fell through, we felt like stopping to talk to someone. On the way in, we saw a group of people in a small private cemetery. We pulled over and approached them, and saw that they were raking up leaves, so we offered to help. "Nah, we're done," they said. And somehow we ended up talking. Alexis told us about her trials and joys and questions. "Let me ask you this," she said once, "since you seem to know the answers to all my other questions." It was amazing! We prayed with her. At points she was crying. After we prayed, the Spirit was so strong - and we pointed it out. She agreed! She said she felt it strongly. She prepares herself every morning for the day by reading her scriptures. She has a super cute 3-year-old daughter. =) She wanted to come to church!

She told us about her worries and fears. I did not feel hesitant at all as I promised her that, "there is peace, healing, comfort, and strength to be found in the gospel." I know that is true, and that her fears and pains can be eased. That she can be healed by and through the Atonement of Christ. We said, "Can we hug you?" "yes!" she said, "I didn't want to be creepy!"

"I'm so glad you came and talked to me."

After we got in the car, I exclaimed to Sister Kunzler, "I feel like Ammon! I feel like this is what missionary work is! I feel like maybe he felt this way as he taught the Lamanites!" The field is all white, and ready to harvest! Heavenly Father will take us to who we need to meet.

None of them were able to attend church. =( But that's okay. It was stake conference, so that would have been really confusing anyway. I wish they would have come, but I know that it is all in God's timing! I am really excited for this coming week. I know this work is true, I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I know that the scriptures bring us closer to God. I love Him and I love this work! I hope all of you will be able to feel His love this week in your lives. Because He loves you. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

- Sister Moore

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