Friday, August 7, 2015

September 15, 2014- Two Month Missionary Mark!!

This past Monday was two months as a missionary - so exciting! =)

It rained and rained on Monday and our car almost floated away - so we went out in the rain and I got to back us up in the flood. Yay junior companion! =) It was fun. =)

On Tuesday we had ward council visits again, and those are always great. Pretty much our entire Relief Society presidency came, so we got to go visit people with sisters. =) So fun! I love bringing little uplifting messages to those we see.

This week we had to go get the car fixed, because we had a screw in the tire. I really wanted to give away a pass-along card to the person we talked to at the desk, but I chickened out. So I told Sister Dodds, "I have to give away a pass along card today!" And the next person we saw, I was like "Can we give you a card?" and she was like "yeah sure" and it was super easy and not even scary at all. =) That was an awesome experience.

We've been super blessed this week with miraculous experiences where we get somewhere at the exactly right time, or see someone we really have been needing to see. This week we've looked at our schedule and wondered how it would all work out, but as we plan in faith and as we are inspired, we have seen our Heavenly Father rearrange our schedule for us so that everything works out.

I gave my first little lesson in a district meeting this week. As we were going over to the church, I said "Watch, the zone leaders are going to be there." (aka, a bigger, scarier audience for my first presentation ever)
Not ONLY were the zone leaders there, but our senior missionary couple too. Phew! Was I nervous! But it turned out great because that just meant more people to discuss and answer questions. So I am grateful for that!

Ha! So Friday was funny. We went out to see quite a few people, but no one was home. We stopped off at Sister Z's because we were in the area, and she totally gave us a snack and then showed us her garden in the back. She has all sorts of herbs like lemongrass and chocolate peppermint and so we crushed leaves and sniffed at them. I still don't think my sniffer's quite back yet. =) So that was pleasantly awesome! The members here are so nice!

Our bishop has encouraged us to help the members meet and get to know their neighbors. So we were excited to implement that with the first member lesson we had.
"So, Sister F, we'd love to invite you to get to know your neighbors."
"Um...I don't think I can do that."
"Aw, why not?"
"Well...I think they sell drugs." She looked like she was very disappointed that she was failing us in getting to know her neighbors.
"Whoa, yeah," we said. "Yeah, we don't want you to do anything dangerous. Just be friendly. Wave and such..."
Ha! So that was funny. But we're still going to invite all the members we see to meet and get to know their neighbors. I'd love to encourage you all to do so as well! You never know what a difference you'll make in someone's life. Just being a friend and being a good example will help them to see that you are living your religion, and they will want to know why you are so happy, and so good. =) I love you all. You all are such great examples to me, too! So go out and let your light shine for your neighbors. Always strive to bring everyone you meet closer to Jesus Christ!

Sister Moore

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